Monthly Archives: January 2013

Our little imagination station

Sawyer is our youngest son. He is five now. He has all of his fathers “go getter” attitude with his mothers creative switch board. He is not an easy one to figure out. A very unique little fellow that doesn’t put up with anyone?s guff. He says what he thinks without thinking about it and […]

My Mental Miracle

I have had problems with depression and moodiness for as long as when I was a teenager maybe longer. I never realized I had an issue till I was about 23 years old. When I was at a doctors visit, my blood pressure reading was so bad, they had to re take it just to […]

Prudence’s Recipe for Legos

My kids like Legos. What kids don’t right? Legos are a pain in my heels. Literally. I find them everywhere and find myself just not wanting to get them out! Picking them up is a real trial on top of them being everywhere. Those little plastic pieces cost a lot of money and it’s good […]

Now That The Holidays are over…

I can relax. Holidays stress me out. Not so much Thanksgiving or New Years I guess, but Christmas. For me personally as a woman, I have a lot to be in charge of. Setting the mood for my nest, planning the menus, buying the food, making the food. Then there is who we want to […]