A Habit Worth Forming

I don’t understand the power of prayer.

I don’t understand how something so easy for us to do, can be so swept under the carpet as something thats as forgettable as writing a thank you note.

I read in the Bible how we should pray ALL the time, not just for a meal, or when uncle Mason is on the way to the hospital, or a quick ” thank you ” for letting us miss that accident. Not that I should’t pray about those things… But ?Praying without ceasing. In her book 1000 Gifts, Ann Voskamp says that the only way to pray with out ceasing is to pray with your eyes wide open.

Another habit I am working on making a stable part of my life. Satan, he loves to help me forget about starting my ?day with a cup of God. Satan gets kicks out of showing me other options , anything other then putting my day on the altar. For some reason, Satan understands what happens when I make Jesus my priority, and he knows that talking to The Master of the seas causes the waves in my day to be tolerable.

The Bible instructs me to pray without ceasing. And I have problems with remembering to start me day with prayer, let alone the days, that, I don’t even offer a thank you for my meals…

I have discovered that the more I try to make prayer a priority, the days I intentionally hand over the keys, and ask Christ to drive, those are the days that my problems feel easier to endure. ?Somehow, I am more relaxed about the kids insanity and the moments of chaos that normally drive me to the edge of a cliff. Somehow, there is power when I talk to him. And it makes a difference.

He will wait all day for me to surrender. And way to many days he does wait all day. Only till I get thru a crummy day, do I realize, I never gave it to Him. ?Some days, I am full speed ahead and the ship is sprouting leaks left and right, then I remember, I forgot the tar on the deck. The sealant on the nails, I forgot to hang up the captains hat and take the job as skipper. There is power there. I know there is. And I am going to keep telling myself that over and over and over till, my habit of talking with Him is firmly instilled and is apart of me so much that I feel naked with out it.

I have so far to go. But the first step to recovery and becoming that new person is the discovery of who I can and should be.

1 Thessalonians 5: 17


Never stop praying.


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