The Behnke Family

I have a magnet that says this: Remember we are a nice normal family.

The Normal Behnke FamilyI love that magnet because it speaks truth for all of us! How many of us pretend we have no problems when we are around others? Or how many times do we wonder, is this normal?

What is normal anyways?

What ever normal is, we all want our families to be it!

As a family, we try and accomplish working together (without fighting), we laugh at each others goofiness and try not to hurt each others feelings in the process. We like to hit the open road and experience new places.

We don’t like sea food, injustice, long lines, stupidity and sometimes we don’t like each other.

The Behnke Knucklecruch - Family Adventures

We do love Jesus, comedy, our dog Winston, sugar foods, and bath time!

Our kids are well behaved in comparison with a lot of other kids and not so well behaved in comparison with a few other kids.

We like our kids and are serious about raising them to be Godly humans and a compliment to society.

We try to understand life as it happens to us and although its often impossible to know why some things are the way they are, we still try to magnify and learn about our problems and trouble and from there, expel it and move on to better places.

We all re-learn every day that each of us are only human. And for the kids, that they are “kids” and make mistakes and we teach, we train, we give grace, we give love, and we live from there. Because life is tough living without forgiveness and grace.

Behnke FamilyWe take vitamins, love sun, and have a dirty car often. We love sales, and creative ideas, and slip and fall on our rear ends regularly. We like chinese food, hamburgers, fries and milkshakes and generally frown upon cats being served for dinner.

We love to play, and rest and don’t do well when our schedule is overbooked. We love amusement parks, laughing, and don’t sleep well in warm temperatures. We get annoyed by annoying people, love JRR Tolkien, and some of us still need to learn what hard work is. We are mostly pleasant people to be around and don’t always hang around folks that are pleasant. (It’s not that we choose to hang around people that aren’t pleasant, it’s because unpleasant people find us and want to hang around us.)

Chris and Alice are the increadiblesSome of us have dreams about our futures and some of us aren’t mature enough to have dreams about the future yet. We live under the same roof and are
serving the same God but we are hardly the same in any other aspect. Each one of us is unique and talented in our own bodies and we are learning to share and accept our individual persons as a daily contribution to our journey on planet Earth.

If you haven’t seen the movie The Incredibles, your missing out! It?s our families favorite group movie.

~Prudence O?Haire

Behnke Family 2011