Alice Behnke - About AliceIf anyone could be summed up in one small biography, it would NOT be Prudence. She is a small tornado of creativity, energy, and beauty. Totally devoted to her home where she homeschools her four children, Prudence uses what little free time she has on various amazing crafts as well as gathering ideas for more projects.

She says she has to be relaxed to create, but the truth is that creating relaxes her and gives her energy to create more. Yet all of it revolves around her family. One of her main goals in life is to teach her children to find the eye-catching glamour of God?s creation.

Her energy is rivaled only by that of her husband, Chris. Together they keep their kids constantly learning and on the move, participating in church and community activities. Prudence?s favorite, aside from family, is fashion, she is the founder of Pick Pocket Molly, a Women’s Resale Faire that is not only an amazing business venture, but also supports Women and Children in Need.