About that word BRAVE

Everywhere, ?we see the word brave. What is it, what does it mean?

Everyone is sure they want to be it, the word is pure adrenaline and highlighted with a lovely shade of the coolness factor.

We all want it?because when we are brave, we allow the change in ourselves that is most certainly not something that is easy for us to do, or be. Sometimes, it’s purely supernatural.

Braveness is the push over the edge to make our dreams come true; it’s the force that kicks fear to the curb, it’s watching ourselves do, what we in our logical minds were certain we could not do.

BraveryOur logical minds are a major contributor to us not being brave. No doubt, Logic has its place. But when it comes to doing more than just thinking about it, we must spell out the word brave on our mirrors; we must inhale braveness in our air, we must sprinkle brave on our meals and the word must become a part of who we are.

Brave, is naming the fear and nailing it to the wall. And when fear pulls the nail out of itself, climbs down and adheres itself to us once again, we rip it off like a band-aid and nail it to the wall again. And again, And again.

Brave is knowing the risk and banking that you are doing the right thing.

Brave is knowing you can’t please everyone and the choice you make is going to cause ripples.

Being Brave is in its essence, is doing something you would not normally do, knowing ultimately it just might hurt.

Being Brave is putting yourself in a vulnerable spot.?

Being brave feels unnatural?to us, it’s uncomfortable mostly. It asks us to do, what we don’t want to do.

It’s a risky thing, that braveness. Being brave doesn’t always mean a bad outcome, but it usually does mean ripples in your calm waters.

Being Brave is for everyone. Everyone is called to be brave. To everyone, brave means something different.

Your brave most likely is not my brave. And my brave is probably not your brave.

But we all want it.

We all down deep want that word to describe us.?

Just do what you know you should, but have been telling yourself you can’t.

Attempt to do what you deem impossible, and you will find braveness came and held your hand thru it all.

Squelch the familiar voice, the comfortable voice of your fear, and get on board the exhilarating rocket ship of Brave. That is where we will find our new horizons, the change for the better, the truth unfettered.

When we are brave, we dare to live life unconventionally.

“Should we attack her? ?the darkness hissed.?We may not succeed, what if she’s brave?

~Lady A

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