Who am I? Is this not the question we strive to answer at some point and maybe at many points in our lives?

I am a woman, and I fully know it. I love who and what God has created me to be. I actively unwrap and discover new layers of the ever-changing and different versions I am and will grow into. This is not to say it is not often scary and uncomfortable (those changing pieces), but I have enough experience with life to know that growth often hurts in the short end but must occur in order to advance.

We can learn from each other. I can learn from you, and you can learn from me.
I am aware that mistakes and problems are a part of life, but I sure do wish they would disappear. In my quest to set up for the ceremonies and parties of life, I have found that perfection is a lie that tells me, “I can’t be content until…”
This is a lie I have entertained on more than one occasion and what I have found is that by writing it through, I can show it for what it is, and it is therefore less able to run me over. I will do this with many things I have discovered, both good and bad.

I value documentation of life. Because what if no one did? The tales, lessons, and life lived from the past would be unremembered, and let’s not get on a tangent about how bad that would be.

One thing about me you might want to know is creativity, I cannot stop it. It bubbles out everywhere, it seems, and really, sometimes I just overwhelm myself. I make music on the piano; literally, it is art. I write novels and blogs, vlogs, and TV programs. I make things like body adornments, needlework, and anything really. I love clothing and dressing, thrifting, and all the clever, witty, and dry humor. Examining, observing, and documenting life is my favorite thing for me to do. I will never claim to know it all, but I will claim that Jesus Christ is Lord of all, and I will not budge on that one. Whatever God says goes, no matter if I like it or not. He made me, and I will try my best to glorify Him with everything I have.

I believe in all its sticky, gooey, bitter, and sweet moments, life is a beautiful thing.
Showing vulnerability takes risks, but it is a risk I am willing to take for you, even if I don’t know you personally.

Thank you for reading, and please live on in all the fullness life has to offer!

-Prudence O’haire