Bubble Morphing

I can see us human beings as bubbles.
Being blown out of the same wand and floating in the same air drifting where the air takes us. We bump into one another and when we touch, we are molded into something new and become different. It could be ever slight, but still, we manage to leave imprints on everyone we meet.
Humans have ways of touching one another. Sometimes in big ways, often in smaller ways.
We remember conversations that changed how we thought about something or prevented us from making a mistake because of our interaction with another fellow human.
Perhaps we are inspired or encouraged by just a few seconds of conversation with someone, and that few seconds will stick in our minds forever.
Maybe, we remember negative words spoken by a loved one, that no matter how hard we try, we cannot shake it off. Or, we saw something that we can’t un-see, we can’t forget, good or bad. It could be an act of kindness that was ever so small, but that smallest piece of kindness delivered the booster of hope we needed to push us thru our unfortunate day.
Our memory can be triggered by a smell or music or a scene. Most everything that makes us who we are, was molded by some one else. The music played, the smell of Grandma’s house or mom’s perfume. Everything we do or don’t do usually, relates to someone else in various forms and fashions.
We mold others bubbles whether?we realize we do or not. Every interaction is potential to imprint in some form onto another person. Mostly, I will never know how I added to some one else’s shape. But visualizing how I connect and can relate to someone else even if I never see the person again or never even met them, helps me put wiser, kinder, more thoughtful and purposeful thinking into even the smallest connections. I shouldn’t underestimate the power of just a few words, or act or example, no matter how big or small, good or bad it is.
One more thing I also like to try and remember, is that it isn’t my responsibility to control what happens to the energy after I share it, but it is my responsibility in the packaging and delivery of it.
I’ll be the first to admit, life can be tough. Its not easy thinking about others, when we have ourselves to get over. But if we have to get over ourselves before thinking about others, we may never get to thinking about others. Try and re-work, how you see people, then go out and get a decent piece of chocolate and savor the flavor at the tip of your tongue and while your sitting there watching the world, look and think for a way to help morph someone else’s bubble (in a good way)!

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