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My Lord speaks to me in weird and interesting ways, because, well I like to be spoken to that way I guess! And who better knows me then He who designed me? Here you might read about what and who is delivering messages from Him to me (and possibly what size of frying pan may have been used on my bum to relay the message!)

Making Puzzles a Picture

I like puzzles. I mean the board puzzles not puzzling situations that I have no control over. The great thing about a board puzzle is that you have control over making the bigger picture come to life and then you can see it finished after sometimes many hours of long staring and trying to fit […]

Truth sets us Free

My husband and I attended a Love After Marriage workshop a few years ago. It was 3 days. It was our first LAM experience. We have been to a lot of different marriage seminars and such in our 26 years of wedded bliss. But this one takes the cake as the most thorough. It focuses […]