Consequences of Life

I have this belief that for every choice we make, there is a consequence of some nature, in big or small or good or bad.

Some choices we make, are obvious as to what the consequence or outcome will be, and some choices, we do not think or care to think about what is coming down the pike for that choice we just made.

Happiness is not a reward – it is a consequence. Suffering is not a punishment – it is a result.

~Robert Green Ingersoll

I’ve been busy trying to relay this thought to my four kids who often make choices and then think about the outcome after the choice has been made. I am certain that if I just keep showing them what I mean by pointing it out for them, they will eventually come to the conclusion, that mom may be right on this. Therefore, they will gradually think about their choices a little more carefully before just jumping onboard with what ever whim suits their fancy at the time. I am not talking about, taking 30 min. at a restaurant to make a choice on food, however, making choices on food is something they must learn to be wise on!

If we make good and wise choices, we tend to remember them and return to that land of thought. Often we remember choices we made that had to do directly with our own hurt or pain, and the unwanted results. That is called reality discipline. Coined by Dr Kevin Leman.

So there are my choices that I make, and then there are other peoples choices they make that directly effects me. We are all a bunch of choice makers effecting each other and ?popping each others bubbles! Much of the time, we do not know or care how the choices we are making and have made are effecting someone else’s life.

Every action has a consequence, so always try to be good.

~Richard Eyre

So goes the human journey.

I believe we need to practice thinking about how our choice will effect ourselves and in turn effect someone else on a much more regular basis.

In example, If I eat food that I know won’t make me feel good, it will make my body run poorly, and in turn I will be grouchy to those around me causing a ripple effect.

My whole thought here is this; ?Think a little about life’s little choices, and think a lot about those big ones. Our choices quite often don’t just effect ourselves, they touch and move within the lives of others that are here with us and are coming after us.


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