Daily Bread

For my husband and I and our children, this is a season where we are relying on the Lord to give us our daily bread. The book of Matthew 6:11 reveals the Lord’s prayer. He was teaching us how to pray. He knew we needed to come to an understanding that we should put forth our requests into heaven- everyday.

Putting our faith into things we can’t see with our little earthly eyeballs is no easy task. The difficulty of it is why so many of us don’t. We may have heard the Hebrews 11:6 verse, “And without faith it is impossible to please God…”

Oh, Lord… how little faith we have. In even the tiniest things, we struggle with faith.

I am a problem solver naturally. I have been busy solving problems or attempting to solve them for quite some time now. And you know what I have noticed about myself even more recently? Is that I will try and solve the problems within my own power rather than request assistance from heaven first. This is my go too. And, if I just can’t manage to get the job done, or it’s way beyond my control, then I will make a request to heaven for help. The problem here is that I have trained myself to not begin by growing my faith from a smaller problem. Instead, when much bigger trouble comes, I get thrown into a place where I am overwhelmed and grasping for air because my faith muscle cannot handle the enormity of it all. To put it bluntly- the floor of my faith I had previously built up, can’t withstand the new weight I now need the floor to hold.

Sometimes, we get put into places where there is nowhere to look- except up. This is where we learn more extreme faith. It very well can be a test the Lord is putting us through and checking to see if we are ready to handle and manage the “something” He is about to do. Yes, the Lord puts us through tests.

A friend, who also has the gifting of a prophet, heard of the plight my family was going through recently. With absolute joy in his tone, he says to me “Well… congratulations! You are in the process of being promoted and how exciting to see what God is going to do for you!” Of course, it is encouraging to hear someone talk about your unwanted circumstances in such a positive way. Now, if I can just get myself into a position of complete belief, that this is the case.

A man in our community sent us a message, telling us that he and his daughter had baked us a loaf of bread and it was on our doorstep. Immediately, I knew this was the Lord reminding us that He provides the daily bread. In some way and often multiple ways every day, He is our provider. Holy Spirit knows I love to be spoken too in these tangible ways, so He speaks and I love to tell the world about our interactions. We have a special relationship in that way.

I am in no way near the place of living from extreme faith that I know we are ALL called to live in. However, I intend to live out the rest of my days climbing up that ladder knowing full well its uncomfortable. Because it is. Therefore, we don’t live there. But we are called too. And in the end- it only matters what God has asked us to do and be, not whether we “do or don’t” feel comfortable there. So- raise a toast to new levels of spiritual discomfort- because within them lie’s promotions and new beginnings.  Amen? Amen.

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