I’m so excited to launch my first book, DEAPE?WOODS!
Launching March 27th

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The book will be published on March 27th, 2018. It’s taken a couple years to get this book written, edited, and published. It’s been a lot of work, and I’m very excited to get it into the hands of anyone that loves to read.

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I’ll be adding more information about the book here in the next few weeks, but right now we are building our launch team. If you’re at all interested in helping us launch this book successfully to the world, please take a moment to fill out the form below!

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Wait wait wait, I’m not sure what I’m getting myself into, or what this book even is! (OK GOOD READ ON)

What is Deape Woods?

Deape?woods is a supernatural thriller, based on the research I’ve done over the last 4 years on the supernatural that is all around us, but often not discussed. It’s an adventure story about a young agnostic woman that moves to a new town and is confronted with the reality that there really are good and evil forces which are unseen. She must come to grips?with the truth she discovers.

It’s a nail-biting, hair-raising?adventure, that has touched the hearts of many!

Want to be part of our team?

We are right now building a team of cool people that want to help us get this book off the ground. If you’re reading this, then you might just be who we are looking for!?Here?s the thing, in order to make something like this book successful it takes help from many amazing people like you. I would love it if you would consider being part of my launch team for Deape Woods.

What does it mean to be part of the launch team, I mean, I’m super busy, I’m not sure I have time??

Basically, it means you would commit to helping me on launch day and launch week to share, talk about, and promote the book. I really doesn?t take that much time, but having help from as many people as possible will help give the book the traction it needs to be successful.

Here?s what I?m asking from you! ?no really it?s not too much! ;-)?

  • Purchase a copy of the book either Kindle or Paperback on launch day (send me your email invoice and I?ll refund you the cost of the book!)
  • After purchasing leave a review, (so it shows verified purchase) It doesn?t have to be favorable, just whatever you really feel about Deape Woods!
  • Share a couple posts on Facebook during launch week (we?ll provide images and post ideas for you that you can use if you like.
  • Share a couple posts on twitter if you have an account, and Instagram if you have an account as well.
  • Share on Pinterest if you have an account
  • If you have a blog, I would also love it if you could write a post reviewing the book and share that as well!
  • Share, like, and retweet the posts we are sharing regarding the book!

What I will do for you!

  • We will refund your purchase of the Kindle or paperback version! (just send the email invoice and I can shoot you a cash refund!)
  • If you have a blog, and write an actual blog post review and share it, we will mail you a signed copy of the book!
  • We are creating a private Facebook group, and will invite everyone on the launch team to it, in the group we?ll be sharing our launch strategy, tips and tricks, and talk through how it?s all going, as well as answering questions you have about the process of writing, publishing, and launching a book. If you?ve ever considered writing a book yourself, you don?t want to miss out on this!
  • We?ll post a link to your blog, your social media, and your info (if you like) on our book page on our site, we?ll be driving a lot of traffic to the book site, so that traffic can spill over to your site as well!
  • We will sincerely from the bottom of our hearts love and appreciate every tweet, post, like and comment you make on behalf of this labor of love Deape Woods!

Thank you in advance for your support of us, even if you choose to not be part of our launch team, just being supportive during the creation process and taking the time to read the book really truly means a lot to us, and we sincerely appreciate it!

IF you would like to be part of the launch team please take 30 seconds and fill out this form:


Yes I Want To Join The Lauch Team!