Doctor Patches

I have come up with a new invention for humans to waste time and money on!

There are patches for lots of different types of clubs out there, so how about we have patches for what we have survived thru? Instead of people having to ask about our health or knowledge, it could be right there staring us in the face! Like a girl scout vest!

Picture this: You go in to the doctor, you have a baby. Not only do you get to take home a new human, you get a patch for that! You got your appendix removed? You get a patch for that! You get a finger amputated? You get a patch for that! You have cataract surgery? A patch can be added to your vest! Did you experience hemorrhoid surgery? You can opt out for putting that on your vest… There might be a few you wouldn’t want to display.

mama-merit-badges-lgIf your a survivor of anything worth talking about it, you have knowledge that someone else might need and by just reviewing your patches, they will know if they need to talk to you about what you have been thru! Not only that, it will be much more fun going to the doctor and collecting these great little symbols of survivorship to display proudly on your sweaters, coats, vests and just anywhere you want to show the world how awesome you are!

So what do you think? You game? You up for this cool new trend? I’m sure the patches wouldn’t cost much and there are many ways you can come up with for displaying. I will have to get to patented this idea real soon, lest someone steals it right out from underneath me.

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