Exploring My Child Side – A Ridiculous Idea

Here is a ridiculous idea. (One of many I drum up)

I know dear readers, you are all grown and expect grown up speech and thought from grown up peoples online journals. But, we all need to take a stab of fun imagination to keep our minds pliable and soft. So, here is a little bit of silly, from a half way grown adult!

If I could be any one animal: I would pick a flying horse. Not a horse fly. Horse flies are huge and they bite! And they are ugly and stinky.. Well, I don’t know if they stink, I’m just sure they do with all they land on. A creature as magnificent as the horse combined with a pair of huge feathery wings (with sparkles in them), would be so awesome! I would also want to maintain my human brain! In this way, I would outsmart the humans out there, because they wouldn’t know I knew what they were thinking! Ha!

I would be whatever color I wanted on any given day. Some days, I would be white with a grey muzzle and stocking feet. Other days, I may be as black as night with silvery mane and tail. Perhaps I would choose to be a paint with multiple colors all at once. I might pick several different changes in one day!

I would have hoofs as strong as steel and they would have these little retractable claws like a cat. Those would be handy in cases of self defense against secret agents trying to capture me and put me in confinement to study what I was. And you know they would.? I would be in the alien, Bigfoot and Lock-ness monster category, where many people claim to have seen me but there just has been no specimen captured for proof.

I could fly silently overhead and defend people being robbed, kidnapped or abused. The weight of my body would easily crush the top of a car and scare the boozels out of outlaws.

I would be a crime stopper, without collecting the money as a reward. Because, the crime stopper organization people would look at me in unbelief and say “Whattttt ?” We aren’t giving money to a horse!” Then I would probably snort and snot all over the government official lady standing there squinting at my glowing fur and wrinkling her nose up at the very idea of paying an animal money. ? I may or may not have snot on her on purpose.

It could have been an accident.

But probably not.

Nope, it wasn’t. I did do it on purpose.

My snot might be, fluorescent purple and stick like tar.

When I was in war mode, little metal shields would pop up over my ears and around my eyes. My wings would be bullet proof and deflector shields for my whole body.

I would sleep in trees, in nests made by my animal friends. I would hire squirrels to get me some french fries and apple strudels. They would get paid more, if they got them to me hot!

Clouds would be my fluffy landing pads and I wouldn’t fall thru them. I may take kids for a ride and they would make up stories about me all thru the ages. I would be a legend that kept getting handed down thru the generations. The legend would have truth behind it. But like all legends, I would get blown out of proportion, and become unbelievable!

Yes, I would be a pretty amazing beast.

But I’m not. I’m just the brain without the beasts body! And, I’m ok with that.

(I could still do the sparkle thing though, I have some in my drawer)


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