Hey North American women. What are you marching for?

Hey North American women! What are you angry about? Why do you proclaim to be so enraged? Do you not have everything you need plus more?

Have you been in the shoes of an innocent ten-year-old girl on the streets of Thailand playing with a passing butterfly unaware that you were to be given to a grown man for his pleasure that same night?

Hey North American women, what are you marching for?

Have you been a shoeless little girl in Haiti who has no toys but finds a used condom in the dirt, unaware of what her new toy really is as she blows it up like a balloon?

Hey North American girls, get some perspective!

Have you any idea what it’s like to birth a baby with no medical support or drugs only to watch your infant die as you yourself bleed out?

Hey North American ladies, what are you complaining about?

Do you know what it’s like to be beaten profusely by the man who says he?s your husband because you said something out of line? Do you know what it’s like to go through that abuse only to have the police side with your husband?

Hey North American Female, where is your freedom lacking?

Have you felt starvation to the point of an extended belly and skin spread over a protruding skeleton?

Hey North American women? What are you complaining about?

Do you know what it’s like to live in a culture where the women get buried halfway into the ground and then stoned to death over the simple accusation of an affair?

Hey North American women, Why do you feel suppressed?

Have you worked your fingers to the bone and felt you had to sell your body just to put food on the table for your children without a husband around?

Hey North American women, don?t you have assistance?

Do you have any clue what it was like to not have the right to vote or drive a car or inherit something just because you’re a female?

Hey North American women, What rights are you missing?

Do you know what it feels like to be abused and shamed and spat upon with no hope for justice just because you’re a woman?

Hey North American girls, what are your first world problems?

Do you know what it’s like to be expected to walk behind your husband always and to hide your face?

Hey North American women, what really is your burden?

Have you ever had to live with your family, flies, and lice in tiny dirt floor shack with no running water, let alone having access drinking water that doesn?t make you sick?

We have become a society of spoiled rotten brats.

We are not grateful for our freedom that surpasses all other places in the world. We are stomping around through big cities and little towns complaining that our rights are being infringed upon and that we are not equal with the males as we hold up signage about rights we think we are missing and owed.

We are de-balling our men and turning them into pansies that are afraid of us. What happens when the women take over, when the women succeed in trampling the males into dust? What warriors will you call upon to protect you when the enemy comes barging in? When that enemy thinks so little of their own women and are salivating to shred us along with our pompous, spoiled, wretched attitudes? Will our feelings save us? Will we cry and stamp our feet and get naked to try and control the enemy?

I think not.

Oh North American women.

How foolish to think that we are above men. How ignorant of us to believe that our feministic attitude does nothing to harm our husbands, brothers, fathers.

How long will they put up with our snotty, disrespect?

Truth be told, women are equal but different.

No women, you may not have everything. You cannot have?the cake and eat it too. You may not stop mid-career, have babies and then expect to have the same salary as a man who kept working in the time you took off. You cannot compete with boys in a race and expect to have a chance at winning. No, women race with the girls.

Have you asked yourself why you think you’re deprived? Have you considered all that you already have?

Hey North American women?

When will you fight and march and protest for the rest of the planet? When will you be angry about the little girl and boys sold into sex all around the world legally? When will you begin to educate yourselves on the societies outside your modern, comfortable bubble?

When will you stop wasting your breath complaining about your wages and see that you’re already filthy rich?

Hey North American women?

When will you decide that what you already have could be enough for you?

When will that be?

Will that be tomorrow or today?

Or, perhaps you will only see what you have, once it is gone.



8 thoughts on “Hey North American women. What are you marching for?

  1. chrisbehnke says:

    I love what you have written here. It’s powerful, it’s truth, and you’re brave for writing it. I know that many will argue that you’re wrong, or you’re heartless, or you don’t understand the oppression women face today, but that is why I love this article so much, and that is what is so ironic about so much of what we read and see today.

    It’s about perspective, and this article just nails the issues right where they need to be tackled.

    Thank you for being brave enough to write this article, thank you for being brave enough to say what needs to be said.

  2. Bonnie Buckles says:

    This is so worth sharing so we can get this in front of more women who desperately need what is being said here–women whose eyes are able to acknowledge the credibility of your oh-so-true, absolutely accurate analysis of where so many women have chosen to follow blind leaders without realizing where they are being led. Oh, North American Women, what you are seeking cannot be found through putting men and others down. Rather, if you will purposely choose to look outside your bubble and up toward the eternal source of truth and life, you will be able to find what you really want. You will find yourself surrounded with a peace and joy that can’t become yours otherwise.

  3. Bethany Vitaro says:

    Thank you for saying what many of us in the blogging world are afraid to say. We are raising a generation of perpetual protesters most of whom have never known real injustice. (Not to say all, but most). My children and I were just talking today about how lucky we are. They have no concept of what privilege it is to have free education, running water and more than enough food. (I reminded them of this when they threw away enough food this week to feed a small third world family).
    We have totally lost perspective that even in our protesting of supposed white privilege, male privilege, wealth privilege, etc we have the PRIVILEGE to protest and disagree with our government! This is something most of the world does not have.

    • Alice says:

      Thank You Miss Vitaro for your thoughtful comments. We must teach the kids well and to know what storm they are headed into. Thank you for reading my writing!

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