His Art

Plants, rocks, and skin do not really mesh..

Or do they?

I was just thinking about why I personally enjoy being in the outdoors and walking amongst the swaying trees of a forest thick with lush green ferns. Why is it that I feel a spot of joy when viewing flowers and intricate landscapes? And why do sunsets and sunrises and snow covered mountains cause me to say, “look at that!”

When I was a young girl, we lived at a house that was wonderfully landscaped. It had sculpted bushes and fruit trees, berries, trees, and grass to run thru. I loved it. I loved spending hours as a homeschooled kid outside. When the flower catalog came in the mail, I poured over it, circling all the flowers I wanted to order and plant. I never got to order any. Mom wasn’t big into gardening and I guess I didn’t have a big enough voice. But dreaming of the flowers I was going to plant, was so much fun!

We did live near a nursery and she did let me buy some things from them. I loved to plant rose bushes and take care of them by watering them. Looking back, I’m guessing they didn’t get a lot of 11 year old girls in their nursery having trouble deciding which roses she wanted, and or taking large amounts of time picking out pansies. I loved getting flowers for our little flower cart on the back porch. I also loved those little shiny pinwheels! I had a whole bunch of them and loved to watch them spin. My brother used them as target practice once and boy was I mad! I’m sure he just “wasn’t thinking” when he did it, but nevertheless, I still remember being really upset that he would do that to my precious pinwheels. A few bucks was a lot to me then, and they costed at least a dollar each. I still see those fun little pinwheels for sale today, and it takes me back to the joy of being a kid, and the freedom I had within an acre of landscaped land.

I feel one with my maker when I am enclosed in the bubble of nature. Short of being naked and the thistles and thorns ( not that I would want to be naked) everything about it takes me back to where the world began its journey. In a garden. Unfettered by the injustice of our society, and untouched by the hurt and pain of our broken lives.

I know my creator loves color. I know he loves variety. I know he loves growth, I know he loves beauty, I know he loves peace, I know he loves us to share. And he loves it when we are still and listen to HIm.

All of these things can be derived from a walk thru a garden. Because he made all these different kinds of plants and colors and how much more intricate are we then they?

Appreciate and admire the art He has created. Stop and thank him for that beauty he put in front of you. Meditate and be still with the rocks and listen for Him to speak with the wind.

I live in the city. At least right now. Its not my first choice of where to be, so I don’t get a lot of opportunity to hike and sit where no one else is, but I do get to find drops of Joy from the flowers in others yards and pots. It makes me happy to see beauty even if it is canned and in a different format. I have a few flowers in pots myself.

He made foliage for a reason. Get yourself a drop of Joy even if its just a small plant in a pot, and allow yourself to appreciate the Art He has lovingly made for us.



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  1. Farmwoman says:

    Alice that was a lovely blog. Of course, I too love flowers, gardens, and almost anything that grows outside. I do enjoy your page. Happy Gardening Lorna

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