Lipstick Love

I love lipstick. If I wear nothing else, I will roll a shade of thick color over my lips. Dark colors are my favorite, but here and there I will wear a lighter shade. The color I choose does have to go with what I’m wearing to a certain degree, but really I do wear the color I feel just like when I’m choosing what color to wear. I also like chapstick, ” I have like ten sticks in my drawer”! [and purse]

I would have started to wear lipstick in dark shades as early as six years old if I was allowed too. Of course, that would have looked ridiculous and my folks wouldn’t have allowed it anyways, so I had to wait till I was at least 12 or 13 before I could have some lighter shades. I was always pushing the limit in wearing makeup. I felt my folks held me back a lot when desiring to paint my face. It was their choice to do so, and I tried to respect them as much as I could manage to, but there wasn’t a Sunday morning before church, as I got to be 11 or so, that I didn’t ask to wear eye makeup. I was elated when I got the permission!

Here’s a little something I have done here and there, kiss your husbands rear view mirror with a nice red lipstick! Some cars are difficult to get your head on that mirror, I know, he’s owned like 20 different cars..

Now, I will wear lipstick to bed. Not every night, but often. roll it on, a nice dark bold color. Blot, so that top layer isn’t so loose and spreading around on your pillow case, pull on a comfy lil tee shirt, tousle the hair, spritz perfume. Ok your ready to settle in and read a good book… Doing this little routine makes me feel pretty and confident and my husband doesn’t mind if I do. Lipstick draws attention away from other flaws (what flaws?? – comment inserted by Chris)on my skin and helps the “other” person focus on one of my more pleasant features, my lush lips!

Ya, My brother use to pick on my big lips when I pouted as a child. I never disliked my lips even if I got teased on occasion. I now have grown into them and use them to my advantage, pouting can be a powerful manipulation tool on my husband, and lips are so much more noticeable with lipstick on… [kiss kiss]

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