Little Book of Your Children’s Funniest Moments…

the kids

Chris and I were given a little book from an older lady years ago.

She said that we were to write in it all the cute things our kids said and did, because, while we always say we will remember, we don’t.

So we have been writing in what we call “the book”. Here are a few things our kids have said or done in the past:


Maggie age 2-

Chris had just gotten home and headed upstairs to change into something more comfortable. Maggie, excited dad was home, followed him. He proceeded to start changing his clothes and she asked him if he had “big girl panties” on. He said, ” no, boys don’t wear big girl panties!” She then tilted her head sideways and with a wrinkled brow thought about it for a minute then said, ” you got a pull up on dad”?

Maggie age 4-

I was watching a movie and Maggie came and stood right in front of me holding a little tiara that Grandma had given to her, and asked me, “if you get married again mommy, can I wear this and a white wedding dress”?

Maggie age 6-

Maggie decided to give her hair a little trim without me knowing. A few chunks were cut off…When I scolded her for it, she said: ” You told me it was good to trim your hair every once in a while!”

Owen age 2 1/2

We were all sitting around the Christmas tree one eve when Maggie and Owen got excited to announce to Dad that they had wrapped some gifts for him that day. Owen then picked up a small package and in the most serious voice stated “and you’re not supposed to know that these nail clippers are for you!” “Ok, so don’t tell anyone!” at which point Maggie got big eyes and whispered to him ” Owen, your not suppose to tell daddy!”

Owen age 8

I asked Owen if he cleaned his bathroom. He told me he forgot! I said,” how could you forget you walk thru it enough!” He said “well, I am a professional forgetter”! I said, ” I might like to become one of those! “Oops, I forgot your birthday!” Oops, I forgot to make lunch!”… I got the point across.

Owen age -8

While at a friends house, Owen came walking up to me with a ginormous afro wig and announced that while I was busy talking, he grew a little hair!

Sawyer age 3

Sawyer was talking to Chris about a treasure he wanted Chris to help him find. One of the tasks was to cut a large hole in the wall… ( We did not pursue the treasure)

Sawyer age 4

Sawyer was staying at My brother’s place for a night or two. Uncle Chuck picked up his clothes and a bunch of change spilled from his pants. Apparently, Sawyer told his cousin Wyatt, ( (whom is older than him) he had to pay him to be his friend! ( Chris and I were facepalming about that)

Sawyer age 4

Driving to pick up one of Maggie’s friends, Sawyer randomly announced that whenever he says “Dang it!” It means “beautiful”… Ya, I told him that just wasn’t going to transpire.

Mercedes age 3-

Chris and I got a knock on our bedroom door from Maggie. “Yes”? we said. Maggie replied, ” Um, Sade is using the glue stick as chapstick!”

Mercedes age 1 1/2

We couldn’t find Mercedes. After searching the entire place, we discovered she had crawled out the doggie door and was wandering in the backyard like a person locked up in a mental hospital in one sock. Luckily our yard was fenced!

I have so many more of these stories. Write them down. You will forget them!



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