Live and Laugh About It

“Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it.”
~Bill Cosby

I love to Laugh.

And I find the silliest, simplest, unnoticeable things funny!

alice 2Everyone finds something hilarious at some point in their life, but not all of us have the art perfected of knowing ourselves well enough to find and notice things to laugh and chuckle at thru out the day.

I credit much of my developed dry and unique goofiness to my mother. She has always been one to laugh and find humor in many situations and even make it herself. I think she learned it from her dad. Out of the few times we had get togethers with her folks, it was never without a laughing fit complete with wet eyes. Retelling the same old stories from years ago! My mother can always tell a story that happened decades ago and laugh every time to the point of tears! Of course all of us who are laughing are really laughing at her telling the story and how much she is involved with it, but isn’t that a part of it??How passionate we are about telling the story? It can be so contagious! Mom has a wonderful ability to laugh at herself and then tell others about her dunce moves and get them laughing as well.

Thank you mom.

You have provided much joy thru out our years. And you taught us a lot. You taught us that life doesn’t have to be completely serious. And that, is a very big thing to learn if it doesn’t come naturally.

Today, I have a strange garment of humor. In fact, their aren’t a lot of people out there that completely gets my weirdy mind. For instance, I have a bag of wigs I have started collecting. I plan on making a trip to that Halloween store and picking up a few small treasures for my handbag. Some new bubba teeth and checking for abnormally large noses. I would also like one of those nylon suits that cover the entire body in one color! (I am such a perfect mom for my kids, they really do not know what to do with me sometimes)

Last year at my families Thanksgiving get together, I arranged a Mockumentory and had my husband video the whole thing. Everyone chose a wig, and a goofy name I arranged on a poster ahead of time. We had Mary Christmas, Harry Pitts, Barb E. Dahl, Anita Shower, Candy Barr, Gene Poole, and many other great characters! We interviewed them all with a wig, and questions that were hilarious. We all had a great time, and all of us laughed till our bellies hurt.. (I wonder if they will care if I start selling the movie?)

alice 1I also brought a wig on a walking Relay with some good friends and we had a blast acting out someone else under the wig! I have been known to pop in fake teeth and ride in the passenger seat in traffic. Getting people to look at you with a bulbous nose and or major “wrong” teeth, they laugh their heads off and not only do I get a kick out of it, they found a drop of joy while sitting in traffic. You just have to keep a straight face! Thats the most important part…

I picked out a birthday card that said “I can’t believe your 4!” for my daughter that just turned 13! She of course, knows her mom… And laughed! I was considering getting a retirement or new baby card for my husband for our anniversary, but forgot. Plus, I wasn’t sure how he would take a “New Baby” card…

I recently hired my youngest boy to wear extra, extra large glasses into a nursing home we were doing service at. I say hired, because I was teaching him how to bring joy to others and skipping the fear of being laughed at. He wasn’t real keen to the idea of someone laughing at him, hence offering him a buck to do the job. (He doesn’t know I was training him to love bringing joy, and to not be afraid.) The older folk loved it by the way.

The problem with having a “different” sense of humor is that not everyone shares it. So, I like to try and be careful with people until I really know them. I’m not crass or ugly but more just backwards? Yes, backwards! I’m completely backwards! I love the comic writer Mike Mcpherson, who pens Close To Home. I have several of his books and they just crack me up so much! They really are “close to home” and I can see them actually happening! He does come up with some great ideas too, like a velcro rug and putting babies in velcro shoes on it! Ha that will slow them down! Or how about a salesman showing a couple a bed he says is called “The Aunt Edna” its so uncomfortable your guaranteed your guests will only stay one night! (Now I’m going to have to go read some as soon as I’m done typing)

Life is hard and rough and cold.

It won’t hand you smiles, you have to invent them by yourself and put them on your face. You can also be a joy to others and help them design smiles for themselves! I know who I am. Do you know who you are? What is funny to you? What makes you chuckle?

Humor, God must have this..

What does he laugh at I wonder? I do know, that some of us out there are wound up WAY to tight and need others to loosen them up! What kind of humor do you have uploaded in your system? If its crass and icky, you should consider deep cleansing your brain and mouth. That kind of humor hurts yourself and others. If your not sure what kind of humor you have, maybe you should spend more time laughing! Because unlike milk, (Yes I said milk, Cow milk hurts you don’t you know?) Laughter does a body good! Now, go laugh at yourself over something that you might have made dreadfully, way to serious!

Then share what you did with me, I like to laugh too!

“A sense of humor… is needed armor. Joy in one’s heart and some laughter on one’s lips is a sign that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life.”
~Hugh Sidey

Prudence O’Haire

“He will yet fill your mouth with laughter, and your lips with shouting.”
Job 8:21

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  1. Karen Miller says:

    Thanks Sis.. speaking of wigs.. when my Mom’s blonde wig flew off into the back seat when Dad slammed on his brakes. The look on the guys face the next car over was priceless. More wig stories to come. Love, Mom

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