Moving and Stuff…

IMG_0051My feet hurt, my back is stiff and its ten at night. Its been a long day as a single mom and working non stop to do all those things you keep meaning to get done. Husband is out of town. The ceiling fan is whirling above and I am grateful for the peaceful wind it gives my body and soul. I am a fan lover. I have one bedside also and bought a nice little one for the guest room, because I am certain that everyone wants to sleep with a fan. I gave myself a gold star for doing that for our guests.?

We moved three months ago. We moved three hours from where we were. We love it here, we belong here and we have too much stuff.

I went thru an organizer class once. The teacher said it was so easy to get clutter and not so easy to get rid of it. Truer words have never been spoken.

IMG_0041I don’t like clutter. My husband thinks I do, but I don’t. I consider myself an artistic type person and how can you make anything if you have no supplies? I am also nostalgic. I am a clean freak on one hand and an art-mess maker on the other. I fight within myself about the mess and clutter and it gets downright maddening. It is like I have two very different people inside me, literally harassing each other! No joke.

I am working on it, the clutter. I am weeding out things often and keeping the stuff moving on. I feel like it owns me. Thats bad. You do not have to tell me this. But, I also realize, I am in the child rearing season and kids grow out of their clothes, shoes, toys and zillions of other things all the time. It will end one day. Me getting to blame our to much stuff on the kids. Then, I will began blaming husband for it.

Our oldest has only five years to go before she can move out if she wants to. Five short years… And a trail of things will follow her to a new location.

IMG_0044I have decided, that I am starting a savings jar to hire movers next time we move. This was my moms idea. There is nothing worse then moving with too much stuff. Although, next time, I am planning on having a lot less stuff to move. And we will move again, we are renting. And when you rent, you most definitely will move again at some point. But for now, I am setting up camp Behnke here at this house and property. God allowed us to find this place, there is no other explanation of why we are here. Its perfect for us. Its perfect for our temporary home. Funny how we all think of homes as either permanent or temporary. As far as I know, all of us humans are temporary, so that makes our homes here on earth temporary too.

Bed is beckoning me to come and lie upon its soft pillow, I am a sucker to its invite this time of night. Sleep, it does a body good.


4 thoughts on “Moving and Stuff…

  1. Beth Learn, Fit2B says:

    So excited for you all, and I totally relate to the double personality talking heads inside my brain, too! Love the picture of my hubs squished behind the bookshelf! Are you sure you want to hire a company? we love helping! 😉 Love you guys!

  2. Alice says:

    Your to kind Beth! I didn’t notice Peter John till you mentioned it! That is to funny!
    Yes, I want to hire someone… You know me and asking for help. I do appreciate it though. You live far away now anyways ! See ya soon !

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