If there is anything that keeps me going on a daily basis, its Christ.

Alice Behnke - My Faith - Old BibleYes, I’m talking about the Jesus of long ago. He’s the same today and will never change.

And thats good, because I’m moodier then a bottle of teenage hormones. I need stability and a God that forgives me when I screw up. (which?unfortunately?is a lot)

I believe every single word in the Bible.

I believe we all live a spiritual battle every day of our lives and that good and evil are at war. I believe we all have a choice for what we believe and how we live our lives. I am becoming more and more aware and thankful of the grace my God gives. Boy, do I need that daily. I believe you need it too. If your not a believer in Christ and you want to know more about this Amazing Grace, please message me and I can help you figure out where to ignite your curiosity, or you may get a copy of the most popular book of mankind,?The Holy Bible.

The book will tell you everything you need to know and what to do before leaving planet earth. And may I add here, none of us know when our lives will end, if your really interested in knowing more, take my advice and don’t wait till your dead to discover my Lord is true.