My favorite Animal

God gave us animals to take care of.

I have always liked animals. Not sure why.

Guess I haven’t thought about it before. God must like animals too. He made them and he spent a lot of time putting details into them. Some critters and bugs ?and ocean life can really do amazing things, not to mention they are all so different. I find it fascinating to see or learn about animals I never knew existed. Humans are suppose to take care of animals right? Sometimes animals take care of us, and I’m guessing this animal superiority wasn’t in the original plan.

So my favorite animal? I have always loved, loved and admired the Horse.

Its beauty ?is not comparable to other animals. Graceful, sturdy, strong and useful and very surprising creatures. They have served their purpose for so long, until the metal horse took over their jobs. But they will always be there when the human technology fails.

I was a lucky girl to have been indulged with my love of these beasts. My horse was named Chica. Which means Little Girl. She was full of spit fire and danger, but her character was humorous. I respected her strength and trusted her sturdy footing. I knew that every time I climbed to sit on top her back that there was a big probability I could fall. ?The exhilaration I felt when she carried me across the open field at a high rate of speed was unmatched for me. I had wings, I could fly. And I was being daring, and trusting, and foolish and it opened me up to swallow the air and embrace the fantasy of galloping among the clouds. Eyes squinted I let her lead, trusting her to carry us home safely. The smell of a horse. Salty, dusty, grass, and toast with jam. Yea, I gave her an occasional piece of toast with jam. Probably wasn’t great for her diet, but she liked it. I eat stuff all the time that isn’t great for my diet.

She was The Brat patrol. And I was a member.

A horse is my favorite animal. I like dogs, cats and birds (birds you can touch) ferrets, pigs. I’m trying to get Chris to let me have one of those tiny little piggies! (They are super smart you know?) ?--> (NO PIGS ” comment inserted by loving husband“)


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