My Mental Miracle

I have had problems with depression and moodiness for as long as when I was a teenager maybe longer.

I never realized I had an issue till I was about 23 years old.

When I was at a doctors visit, my blood pressure reading was so bad, they had to re take it just to double check! I was so nervous to be there and never realized it. The blood pressure checker gave me away. The reading led the doctor to ask me if I had problems with anxiety or depression. He said he had some pills that would help me keep it under control and that if I wanted to try it, he would let me. I thought he was a nut at first, thinking there was no way I needed something for my attitude. I went home and shared what the doc suggested with my husband. Chris nearly choked up his coffee when I told him the idea. He thought it was a Fabulous idea and that I definitely should try it. He wanted me to go back right away and get the prescription. I told him it could wait a week for when I returned for a check up. I got the pills.

An anti-depressant changed my attitude drastically. It changed me for the better all though I did experience some side affects. I was drowsy if I took it in the morning, it mellowed my anger bursts and took away the days of major rock bottom.

I was a different person no doubt about it.

Three years later, I wanted to come off of it. I didn’t want to be on medication my whole life if I could help it. The meds made me feel weird and I was tired of the feeling even though I knew it helped me. I knew there were many different drugs out there to try, and that if I hit rock bottom again while off the meds I was on, I could try something different. The doctor that was helping me get off the meds, wasn’t a lot of help. He was a medical doctor from Kaiser.

He basically told me to ween myself off the pills a little at a time and that it should take about two weeks to be completely off. And that if I felt like I was going to kill myself or anyone else in the process, to give “this” number a call. If I felt like I was having a lot of trouble, to come in again and he would get me going on something else. Thats it. All the help and support I got. ?There ?was a big possibility I would never be able to be off of them. Some people are just lacking in what it takes physically to be mentally healthy.

Three weeks later, I am finding myself sitting in the bathroom alone, for long amounts of time doing nothing.

I am waking at odd times in the night not going back to sleep. I am uninterested in my usual fun things and food. I am grouchy and irritable.

Chris is worried.

I asked him, ” is this who I use to be”? ” Yes, he says, exactly who you were”.

My heart was ripped out. I hated this woman.

Because of the drastic change of coming off the meds so quickly, I saw her point blank. The woman who I use to be and was comfortable in. She was downright nasty, horrible person. I knew I was headed back for different meds. There was no way I could put my family thru that, much less myself.

I finally decided to try different medication, something different that was recommended to me, it worked well! I knew after that, most likely, I would always need a booster for my mental deficiency. Although, I was saddened by the thought of being on drug my whole life. I had heard rumors that eventually they would stop working, and I would have to find a different drug.

A few years later, Chris was introduced to a natural-path Doctor. The Doctor is part scientist. He had created a supplement that takes the place of anti depressant drugs and is a positive booster to the brain. The Doctor needed help in marketing his product and selling it to the world.

Chris is an entrepreneur, and was more then happy to take on the job as that part of the business mostly due to the overwelming success they had already seen in the clinical practice with this supplement.

I am a prime candidate for the supplement called Equilibrate. I was weaned off my meds for eight weeks. All the while taking Equilibrate.

My experience with coming off anti depressants this time was quite different. I did not experience a rock bottom. The doctor was there for me whenever I had questions about myself or the?supplement? I came off the harsh anti-depressants?and was now again a different person. No longer mellowed and flat lined with no emotions, but energetic, and feeling the roller coaster of normal up and down moods. The most important being that when my mood goes down, it doesn’t stay down, it comes back up!

Yes, I have my days of cloudiness, who doesn’t? I can’t say that the rain I’m surrounded by on a constant basis doesn’t help contribute to sour moods, I have also noticed when the sun is pouring out of the sky, I am a happier person.

Oh and by the way, I highly recommend Dr. Timothy Hyatt. He cares about helping you figure out why your having the symptoms your having and fixing it. Not just putting a bandaid on it. And can I say, if your getting advice to fix a problem and you and the doctor both agree on how to fix it, DO what the doctor is suggesting. I’m guessing Doctors get blamed a lot for “not helping patients” because the patient isn’t willing to take the responsibility and do their part to fix the problem.

It’s been a bit of a journey, but I can say that Equilibrate has changed my life, a mental miracle.


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