I was drawn to learning the piano at a young age.
My parents bought a 120-year-old upright grand, and I took lessons for a few years.

What I learned from those lessons was the playground of the keys. I did not, however, learn the notes; they never made sense to me. Being a kid and having gone through so many years of lessons I did not want to admit that I knew nothing about the notes.

So I did not admit it.

It wasn’t till I was about fifteen and close to quitting piano lessons, that my second teacher tricked me by putting a different piece of music with the wrong title in front of me and discovered that I wasn’t playing by reading the notes, I was playing from memory.

I quit the lessons but never quit playing the piano. Out of my imagination began to make up my own music. Music became an expression of myself, what I was feeling. It’s now been over twenty years since lessons ended. I detest playing in front of crowds and get stage fright easily, but I want to share the gift God gave me, which is why I force myself to donate time in the hospital lobby on the shiny grand piano.

Playing the piano is what I imagine painting a beautiful picture must feel like. It is art, and playing is therapy to my soul.

My desire is that you will be blessed by this art and that it would inspire you to find peace within your bodies and stir your magical imaginations.

~ Lady A