Trapped inside, forced to hide

The grey is overwhelming

The wet never ends, sun rarely begins and mold has found its heaven

Beauty in green, a beautiful scene

The rewards of the never ceasing rain

The ocean is near, clouds shedding tears,

I can taste the salt in the air

The beaches are chilly, birds gone silly

The warmth a rare treat indeed

In the opposite direction, Snow White of confection

A mountain stands proud and tall

Danger it yields, vast wonder it wields

And great mysteries it holds within it

The common ground of both, is something I often loath

The torrential dripping of the skies

Like a never ending head cold the wet gets very old

And there is nothing I can do to stop it

I must learn to embrace this wet, grey, green place

And push away any expectancy of sun

For anywhere I go, I will come to know

No place is without a deficiency

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