Not My Strength

I think one of the verses in the Bible I fall back on the most is in Philippians. Chapter 4. verse 13.

You want to look it up real quick?

I can do all things thru Christ that strengthens me.

I consider myself a weak person. Stubborn? Oh yes. Responsible? Yea, ?I think so… Dependable? uh huh, I’m pretty dependable, at least I think I am! Do I think I can do all things? ?Nope. ?I don’t think I can do all things, I know that this is a reliable, secured fact. One of the areas I am weak is: ?I get scared and afraid of regular people. Yes. Most the time, I would rather be the fly on the wall. I don’t like the spotlight nor large crowds. Crowds give me the jitters. ?I don’t always feel up to social gatherings and I would rather chew my finger off then call someone I don’t know. I have problems with confronting people verbally. I’m afraid I will be left standing there with the losing end of the debate. Now I can write to you.?That’s ok. I can show you “me” any day using a pen.

I also have problems with not following thru on good habits that I’m trying to adopt. And problems with procrastination on things, I just don’t want to do. I have issues with allowing satan to paint his ugliness on my days and not getting out the magic eraser immediately to get rid of the marks. I am a very horrible person some days. And all the other days, A “just not great” person.

There are a lot of places in my heart that the muscles just aren’t worked on a regular basis. Those muscles hurt bad when I do use them. ?But, regardless of what I was or wasn’t gifted to do, there are so many things I need to do and have to do regularly or annually, or… whenever the Holy Spirit prompts me to DO IT. The times when I think, I just can’t go on. The moments I just wish I weren’t involved with. The uncomfortable feeling that I come to know when I’m doing things that aren’t a natural way for me. ?Those things that I’m just sure, I cannot do. Its Christ’s power in me that overrides my weak system. Its the Holy Spirit who opens my mouth to say what I should say, what I can not say on my own.

Its his strength that moves my fingers that are being called to action. When I feel weak, I have to ask him to step in and take things over. Because my humanness has trouble letting go of control consistently. I have to hand over the assignment I feel I can’t handle. ?I have to give him my passcode and allow him inside to give me the updates I have to have in order to achieve what I’m being asked to do. Letting The spirit infiltrate my soul ?I have to start my day giving him the reigns to drive it. (The Lord knows, I get us lost if I don’t.) I can Everyday, (when I ask) do all things thru Christ, who gives me the strength to do it. I know for certain it isn’t mine.


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