When you have been born to do something specific, you somehow know it from the beginning of your life. Yet it wasn’t until I was closing in on 40 years of life that I picked up the pen and began to write the stories I believe that God has partnered with me on.
Deape Woods was my first novel which has lead into a second one, The Sound of Wings, and which will most likely lead to more. These aren’t your ordinary “Christianese- lovey dovey- warm and fuzzy normal reads. They are a bit nail biting and edgy- They can and will teach everyone some things about the spirit world and at the same time present hope to those who need to taste God’s mercy.

Most Recent Projects

The Sound Of Wings /// 2023

An evil wind screams through the trees as the sun disappears for the night. One must lock up and hope their earthly treasures stay safe when their eyes are not on them.

Someone is repeatedly thieving from the community of Kingsman, Oregon. As Sergeant Bailey works to solve the cases, he begins to wonder if it’s something and not someone who is the perpetrator. An increase in venomous snakes underfoot is just an added layer to what seems to be a fantom who strikes with no rhyme or reason. For the Kingsman police department, many strange things have been witnessed, but this case is one for the movies. For some, spiritual phenomenon is normal. For many, the supernatural world is yet to be experienced tangibly. Whether the officers and citizens of the community can agree on what exactly they have seen doesn’t matter, it will forever change who they are. It takes courage to look into the face of malevolence and bravery to run into the direction of the unknown. Thank God for the sound of wings and the hope it brings of rescue against all odds.

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Deape Woods /// 2018

Nora is the newest resident of Kingsman Oregon. After moving her Alzheimer’s-afflicted father into Green Acres Senior Living, Nora settles into her new apartment located in the woods at the edge of town. Her new landlords claim that a deceased family member haunts the property, but Nora doesn’t believe in all that supernatural mumbo-jumbo. She believes in what she can see, what science can prove. The recent loss of her mother and the illness of her father have fractured this guarded twenty-seven-year-old, creating just enough pain and denial to make her the perfect target. The evil lurking in Deape Woods evokes and feeds off fear—and it’s just waiting to make its next move.

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