Now That The Holidays are over…

I can relax.

Holidays stress me out.

Not so much Thanksgiving or New Years I guess, but Christmas. For me personally as a woman, I have a lot to be in charge of. Setting the mood for my nest, planning the menus, buying the food, making the food. Then there is who we want to have over and who’s house we are going over too, and what we want to vollenterer to bring or do for school parties.

Not to mention, it takes me forever to think about what I want to give people for Christmas. And I do mean, TAKES ?ME FOREVER to choose a gift. I put a lot of energy into your gift, (If I like you) and if I don’t like you, I still think about what I give you. ?Its really no wonder I come down hard off a high starting Christmas day. I wish it would wait till after Christmas, but I find myself starting to park emotionally the day of. I guess its a combo of expectations not met, the hurriedness of well, just everything, and the fact that I cannot, no matter how hard I try, slow the day down. I worked hard to plan and have worked hard to please others, and in one day, its over. If I can just learn to be content in every moment no matter what day it is, time it is, year it is..Yes, I would be at peace and would eat my chocolates much slower, relishing the taste in my mouth longer. Understanding that the taste of the sweet is what I really want, not to swallow and store it in fat.

Learning to capture the moments of Peace and Contentment is a daily battle. Allowing them to linger with me before forgetting what I just experienced is really hard when I get whacked over the head constantly with moments of chaos and agitation. Its like I have the memory of a goldfish or something! Savor, savor, Savor… And hold on harder for the Sweet moments


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