One Hour Shoes

I like shoes.

Why do I like shoes? I have no idea.

Why do some dogs like bouncing balls? Yea, I can’t answer that either.

I have always liked shoes. Not so much handbags, I like those, but I am content with the bags I have for years as long as they hold up! But, shoes? I admit. I have more then one pair.

Note to the editor: do not divulge anything about my shoes in the post on your own free will or you may regret it…??(note from editor “Chris Behnke” yea, I’d say it’s safe to say she has a lot of pairs, but hey not too many right…

I had to digress , my editor tends to ad things here and there when he sees fit. sometimes I have to curb that beforehand. Sorry about that. He may have a beef with my shoe collection.

Here is a fun fact, did you know that it was men who first invented the high heeled boot? This was so their boot stayed put in the stirrup when riding.
I have coined the phrase “1 hour shoes”. And what I mean by this is that many shoes you can only wear for one hour before your feet are literally screaming in pain. These are the shoes one might wear to a fancy dinner or on a date just for looks nothing more. I do not like spending much money on these no matter how cute they are. They have to be yard sale or thrift store price before buying them, and they are always in great shape sitting in droves on the racks waiting to be purchased and worn by another unsuspecting victim. Why are they normally in great shape? Because they have only been worn for an hour!
I’m a big fan of expensive shoes. Usually the more expensive shoes are more comfortable and unique. And comfortable and unique in shoes are where its at! Love that combo ! The key is, getting those expensive shoes for next to nothing money wise!
I do find many of my adopted shoes used and in great shape. This is my excuse for having so many, is that I didn’t pay but a fraction of the cost for them in the first place. Win for me and win for the budget! No win for closet space.
My rule for trying on any shoes, except the one hour shoes, is that my mind can drift to other things while wearing them. I must not be able to notice that I have a shoe on my foot while trying it on for a few min. If that passes my test and the cost is right and I don’t have that style and color, i may end up taking it home!
Shoes are useful. And that’s a bonus, because I like them so!

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