Our little imagination station

Sawyer is our youngest son. He is five now.

He has all of his fathers “go getter” attitude with his mothers creative switch board. He is not an easy one to figure out. A very unique little fellow that doesn’t put up with anyone?s guff.

He says what he thinks without thinking about it and doesn’t think half the time about what he says while he’s saying it. [I don’t even know what that last sentence says]

He is relentless when he wants something and is no stranger to talking to himself. He knows himself well. He sat at the dinner table the other night and told us all that he use to live with other people before living with us, and they used cheese in everything… His dad assured him that he has been with us since the day he was born.

He uses large words that I don’t think he knows what they mean. He is a big fan of food, [if he likes the food already]. He is willing to try new things. When he was almost four he requested to be on the inter-tube a speed boat was pulling, sitting all by himself. He rode there and went zooming at a high rate of speed, unafraid of the potential wreck in the water. {mom wasn’t on the boat, otherwise I don’t know if he would have gotten to do it} He lays out his coins on the table and has wars with the money. The coins are divided up into to two sides. [I think his brothers side loses a lot] I thought the whole money war thing interesting. He had an imaginary friend and land about a year ago. He doesn’t visit there as much as he use too, but he described the friends land who’s name is Looklin and he has a brother named Decent. The land is Candy Cane Forest.

He likes to ride his little bike with a normal dirt bike helmet. He tries to fix up sweet jumps with random pieces of board. They didn’t work out well. He carries large amounts of marbles in his sock, swinging it around; I had to put a stop to the swinging part of it. We went thru several months of refinement with him. It was like he got up in the morning and before he said anything, he got a discipline. No, it doesn’t happen like that, but I like to joke that their are weeks that I feel that?s how it happens. He is moving into the stage of desiring more friends. We are working on his social skills and how to treat people so they want to have him over. I have been telling him that when a friend doesn’t want to do something you want to do, does not mean you tell them they are not your friend anymore. That hurts peoples feelings. And you can’t yell, and be unkind. You have to share your toys and use manners. He says he is really trying to change those things. I think he is. I see improvement with him here at home. He becomes an invisible hero and makes moms bed, or tidies up moms room, or is sweet to his little sister. He will pick flowers { he isn’t suppose to pick} for me and says things from a compassionate view point. I breath a sigh of relief when I see a sweet Sawyer coming around the bend. We have a long way to go before he is released as a young man into the wide world. Training, discipline, guarding, loving, and many other things that go into the making of fine men. I’m so thankful he has a dad that loves him and is investing time into the lives of both his boys and girls. Sawyer, is a very unique little fellow no doubt about that!

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