Passing the Blame with a Dirty Dish Rag

Out of my mouth, many mistakes are produced. In fact I think our mouths are factories for making mistakes!

I really do not like making mistakes. I don’t think any of us really do, but some of us, have a harder time with our mouths. I think I don’t like talking as much as some, because I’m afraid of what might come waltzing out, or for me a big one is just fumbling over how I want to say something. Writing is much easier to think, and then erase, then write, then erase…

You know our mouths don’t just make mistakes, they have a lot of germs in them too! Course you knew that already.. Our mouths can also get us into trouble by opening and eating things we shouldn’t… Now, I realize that our mouths are controlled by our brain, so really, its our brains fault, right? A two part harmony is our brain to our mouths. They love to work together to get the job done. “Do this!” says the brain, and the mouth does! An excellent team they make.

If I want to change what my mouth says and does, I have to work with my heart ?first then it sends the signal to my brain then it gives instructions to the mouth. No more blaming the mouth for the actions of the brain!

The words of the tongue is just producing what the heart has made plans for. Oh.. And to make things worse, I can’t control what others say including what my kids say. They are always trying to place blame on someone else for why they did or said something. I am usually, catching the blame and handing it right back to them and not on a silver platter, its more wrapped up in a dirty dish rag. “Blame” doesn’t get a silver platter. My kids are learning how to accept responsibility for themselves on a daily basis. They must learn this or their lives will never expand into bigger things the Lord has for them. And its not just for kids, adults fight it daily too.

I am in control of what comes out of my mouth and what goes in it. (Unless, I was tied to a chair and had some device on me that was clamping open my jaw and force fed something, then, I wouldn’t be in control I suppose..) Accepting responsibility is hard to do most the time. The first couple in creation had a hard time too! (I bet you they were using dirty fig leaves to pass blame back and forth.) You want to know about that whole mess? Genesis chapter one can give you the low down.

Don’t be thinking that just because I’m not saying much means I’m constantly filtering out nasty thoughts I shouldn’t say, Thats not what I meant up top. I might not be vocalizing much, probably because your mouth is moving or something like that! I can’t be too hasty, haste makes mistakes! ?Be patient with me, I don’t like making mistakes.


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