Project Novel in the Face of Fear

The last year, I have not been writing much on my blog, but I have been writing. I have been working on my first Novel and have completed it to the point of editing it.

I don’t know if people will enjoy the story or not, but the accomplishment in and of itself is big and I am thrilled that my husband has helped me finish it, by his constant encouragement and planning time for me to do it. I believe we all have desires to go certain directions depending on what we were gifted with.

I have always felt one of mine was to write, and to write fiction laced with truths and humor and God weaved in and out of it. To write something worth reading, to write something that maybe touches just one soul. I don’t have to know my writing is reaching or encouraging someone though. As a writing artist, doing the work is pleasing to me even if no one reads it. Yes, artists create because of the love they have for it, not because it will necessarily make loads of money or become famous. The idea of those blessings attached to the art is not one that is frowned upon of course, but any artist will tell you, they do what they do because they feel that what is inside them must come out in a tangible way.

The Novel I have written, would probably be classified as a supernatural thriller. I myself find it odd that a person like me would or could desire to write this genre but that is the story I was given, and that is the story I wrote. Being one who loves to dig in and learn about things of interest, I found that the last five years have brought the curiosity of demonology Satan and of Angels. A dark subject to undertake for sure, and not a subject everyone is called to delve into.

One must be detached from their emotions and fear in order to study it. But, the thing is, that someone has to do it. Someone has to know and learn about it, so others that can’t go there because of fear can take snack sized bites and apply it to themselves and lives. In our world, the dark subject of Satan and his cronies is falsified to many different degrees and in many different ways. The king of deception has permeated his ilk everywhere even within our churches and leadership.

I believe humans all come with in innate spiritual sense. Deep down, we all know, there is something bigger then us. But knowing that, feeling that, isn’t always enough to propel us towards the right God. Oh yes, we are all spiritual. We are a spirit within a body. And the biggest fear of us all, is death.

There is a saying that goes, ?”What we don’t know can’t hurt us.”

Oh people. That is such a huge lie.

We hurt ourselves so much by why we don’t know. There was once a time in our history that doctors cut people and drained them of blood because they thought it would let the poison out.. They didn’t know, and it hurt them. It often killed them in fact. People don’t know how they hurt themselves spiritually, because they don’t know how it happens, or how it is happening or how to help stop it. And the darkness, it is intelligent, it knows the very thing to keep you from wanting to know or to keep you, no pun intended, in the dark.

I’m not a fabulous speaker. But, I enjoy writing, I enjoy learning, and I enjoy pairing those together to do what I think the Lord is asking me to do.

Will there be criticism? Will I have people who would rather “not go there,” and tell me there is no such thing? Of course. The dark covers truth just as fast it can. I fully expect it. However we should not let the fear of criticism stop us from proclaiming the truth. And that, is a very hard thing to work past, I am not immune to this fear and have succumbed many times to its beckoning. Looking the trouble and whatever it is we are afraid straight in the eyes, we can with knees knocking together gather the courage to tell our fear that we have a bigger power on our side, and the chills running down our spines as we watch the fear dissipate gives us a surge of glorious, beautiful faith that we had never known before.

Let us learn from one another, and share with each other the knowledge and gifts we glean. For we never know, the seeds we are planting that will one day sprout into a tree. And maybe its not for us to know those trees we are planting. This is faith, is it not? To do as we are told, and not promised the end results. Yes. Faith doesn’t stop to ask why, it just follows the command and trusts the mighty maker of heaven and earth. He knows, better then I.

May Jehovah God be with you


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