Prudence’s Recipe for Legos

My kids like Legos. What kids don’t right? Legos are a pain in my heels. Literally. I find them everywhere and find myself just not wanting to get them out! Picking them up is a real trial on top of them being everywhere. Those little plastic pieces cost a lot of money and it’s good for the kids to play with them, I don’t want them to go to waste because of my own stuck up clean and tidy ways…So, this is what I do when it’s ?time to play with them again. First, I clean the rooms floor really well, wherever they will be played with. Then I grab a flat light colored queen sheet and spread it out good and straight. I choose a light colored sheet because Legos often blend in with the flooring and then you can’t see what you have, the light color sheet helps kids see the various colors and it makes finding what they need much easier! ?Next comes the Legos dumped in the middle of the sheet. Then we have a talk about how the Legos STAY in this room, preferably on the sheet.( Looking everyone in the eyes and making sure they just heard the rule) I am ok with leaving them out for a few days so they can work on their creations for awhile. When it’s time to clean up, everyone picks up whatever stragglers there are and ads them to the pile. Then, we have our storage container ready and we pick up the sheet like a hammock and funnel them all back in the bucket. Easy, one sweep. I have the kids use a dust pan for messier Lego clean up. When they aren’t all on the sheet. Works great as a scoop! So there,you have my recipe for containing the Legos.

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