Putting Kids through the car wash

I am often listening to my kid’s chatter as we do errands and go places.

I say I “often” listen because, I can’t “always” listen, I have to drive and pay attention to what’s going on around us for safety reasons and such. But, I often find something really amusing when I do listen to them straight out.

We recently took our car thru a carwash. I try and do this occasionally to give everyone who drives by our car a break from looking at an eyesore. (dirty car). Yep, I could get out there in the driveway and take 30 min. and do it myself with the old bucket and rag and hose, and I still may sometimes, just to teach the kids how to wash a car manually, but at this point in my life, this is not something that is really high on the totem pole of lessons needing to be taught to the kids.

We are parked in the exact right spot, the car is in neutral and I have the sheriff in the back seat hollering about the antenna needing to be put down, and the mirrors folded in.. “got it son, thanks!” Sawyer is bouncing in his seat anticipating the adventure shortly to happen.

I hand a wet cloth to the oldest who claimed “shotgun” and instruct her to wipe down her side of the car. She does, then hands the rag back. I am busy wiping down every single spot I can reach and am still using the wet rag given us by the attendant as we are halfway thru the wash.

The car jolts forward, the squeals begin and our adventure in the deep blue sea has launched. Someone is screaming out, “it’s eating us!” Another is describing an octopus feasting, they are not sure if we will survive the wet beast! ahhh! Yikes! A window is leaking. A voice from the way back says,”What happens if the window is leaking mom?” I respond, ” well how bad is it leaking?” Sheriff says, “its not to bad”. I relax, a little relief and then it dawns on me, what could I do even if the floodwaters were washing into the car anyway? Guess I can count my blessings its only a little leak.

We all made it. In case anyone is worried about the ending to this little city adventure. We had at least one cheer from the back seat about coming out to the sun at the other end, and I think all of us were satisfied about having a red car again instead of a brown/red car. Kids love car washes. Neighbors love washed cars in our driveway, although they don’t say they do, I’m just guessing. And I feel like I just saved a huge amount of time and have something that looks clean! (Dogs do not enjoy them) Yes, I have taken a few different dogs thru car washes. It freaks em out. Might have to have the inside of your car washed too after taking a dog thru a car wash.

Someday, I will not hear a little voice from the back seat requesting the fun of a car wash. That makes me kinda sad. I don’t indulge them every time I hear it. I would go broke if I did, and the paint on my car would turn as dull clouds in Oregon. Maybe next time I will go for the wax job! Kids can be quite entertaining, specially when they are all contained and happy! And that makes me happy!


~ Prudence

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