Rake Resurrection

There is probably a proper name for the “old”fashioned rake. The kind of rakes that are metal and its teeth are always set to the ground. The rake that are horrible to use on a lawn because it chews up your grass and gets stuck in the soil. Its great for using on a freshly plowed garden and rooting out the clods. Its heavy and not friendly to toes.

How many times have these rakes resurrected themselves and pummeled unsuspecting victims in the head? Thats right, if you have never watched or heard of this happening, I can assure you from first hand experiences that they do this exact thing to humans everywhere! Picture this. The rake is lying calm and still on the ground. Flat on its back with its cold, had metal teeth bared up. A human foot either mistakenly or out of boredom steps upon the teeth. The rake either doesn’t like being stepped on or thinks its funny to pull its thick stem up gaining speed and force quickly, and WHAM! Hits its victim in the head!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about and have one of these rakes, be careful when trying to experience the rake resurrection. I’ve played around with them knowing full well what they can do, and been caught by surprise by their smack down.

My poor mother got nailed big time by one when I was about thirteen. My sister and I were playing up by the house. My mom was in the shed doing some “cleaning” or something. We looked down the lane to see her crawling on her knees out the doorway. Then flopping down and rubbing her head furiously. My sister and I ran down to see why on earth she was in such a predicament. She explained that she had just stepped on “the rake” and it hit her in the head! She wanted an ambulance called. We just moved into the small town. We met some neighbors that day. And I bet they all had a good chuckle after they left about how mom’s melon got bruised! She didn’t get a ride to the hospital in the ambulance that afternoon, dad drove her there himself. I think she ended up with a mild concussion.

I found a fabulous card with a picture of a foot stepping down on a rake for the way to familiar whack. I sent it to mom. She loved it! We still laugh about that day!

Just recently, I bought a really old wooden rake like the metal ones at my mother in law’s quaint little event brought by Buckleberry Cottage. The stem isn’t but a foot in length and its missing one or two teeth, like any decent antique wood rake should. I loved it. I bought it. I hung it.

Be on guard with those things! They have an attitude..


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