Run Away but Follow The Leader

One thing I know about myself is that I do enjoy the challenge of a running race. Ever since I was little I would out run most the boys and boy did it feel good to be first in something. I had control of my legs and I willed them babies to move faster than they wanted to be pushed.

Today, I run with my husband. He is our pace setter. He checks our pace on the gps but mostly his body just adjusts to a steady, comfortable speed for both of us. My trouble comes when I get carried away in my mind and music and start moving ahead of him. He tells me I?m going to fast and to slow down!

We recently did a fun run and I typically will go faster in a race then when we are training. That run was no exception. However, I overdid it the first two miles and had to slow down a wee bit for the last one. I did it backwards. I should have held steady the first two miles then sped up the last one. But I did not want to listen to the the leader, (Husband) and that was that. He ended up crossing the finish line first and I came in a minute later. I ended up with a wind burnt throat. He laughed at my big head and I let him. Both of us did get a drinking cup as a prize though.

We need to listen and not get ahead of our leaders. They are put in our lives for reasons. Technically we all are leaders somewhere. Maybe we are leaders of our children, clubs, work, classrooms or we coach. So many different ways of leading. It doesn?t do us well try and be in charge when we are not. Now given, running in a pack is not a heavy example of this, but nevertheless, it?s still fitting. Let the leaders lead. And let us who should follow behind, let them lead. Until it?s our turn to lead, and we all get a whack at that sooner or later.

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