Run Away Notes 101

Movement moves my mind.

Yes, Whether I?m in the car, on a train, in a plane, or making my body work by jogging. My brain is coming up with all sorts of creative ideas.

My imagination is creating new chapters of stories, little fine details of peoples faces, adding emotions to the characters and sometimes envisioning snakes crawling out of hidden places. Ya, I don?t really have to envision the snakes, sometimes we just end up almost stepping on real ones in our path. No joke, Chris had a nice, big one lunge at him as he jumped over it. Lucky for Chris, the snake missed.

I realize it was scared, but can we just not actually see the snakes, please?

There has been a lot less running on the gravel near the canal since then.

Sometimes in my body moving, I?m just finding a peace in the moment that everything in this life riddled with trouble and problems is gonna be alright after all. And it is.

Running and jogging for exercise and sport has a lot of life lessons woven in it. And I?ll write a few posts about them. Some people think running is dumb. Yes, friends have said that straight to are faces.

Ok sir, I thought, thank you for calling me dumb. (I think he just didn?t think his comment though, he?s a really nice guy) We will see who?s dumb when I?m out running you when the bear, rabid sage rat or giant rattlesnake is behind us! (Ya, that was a joke. Hopefully, it stays a joke.)

Folks are entitled to their opinions. Yes they are. Lots of bodies can?t run and jog because of worn joints and other issues, that’s is obviously ok! there?s always walking and biking and swimming and, and, and? You fill it in! The important thing is to know I?m not going to ever call you dumb because of your choice of exercise, ok?

Back to the main point, the movement for me, it does more than work my body. It moves my brain! Who wants to have a stagnant brain? Not me. Work yourselves people!

Do hard things!



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