Run Away Up Hills

A most difficult thing in the road or path when it comes to running or any type of exercise is hills. There you are, sweating and huffing and puffing and keeping your steady pace when all of a sudden you spot it. The dreaded hill. Oh ya. And it?s not just going up them that can be hard, its having control coming back down them that is also difficult.

I manage the hills one step at a time. I don?t freak out. I know it?s one step at a time and I make other muscles work that need a turn. It?s very similar to problems that are hills in our natural lives that are discouraging for us to climb. We get handed all sorts and sizes of problems every day and they are our mounds, cliffs and hills. And how should we handle them? How do we get over them? We can not solve them by inaction. We take one step at a time and adjust our speed to what we think we can manage. And little by little, we are finally up and on flat ground again.

The hills do work other parts of our bodies. Depending on how many hills we have I feel them still the next day with a tad bit of soreness. But my body has a little more experience with them and next time the hills show up, I?ll be more confident to tackle it. Go slow, one foot in front of the other knowing each step is carrying you past the obstacle. We can move over the hills, slow and steady.

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