Run Away with Long Distance

Some of us out there run 50 milers, and some of us are thinking 3 miles is plenty. Whatever goals you have set for yourself it?s probably a decent goal. Having a goal at all is good!

Before starting longer runs for me and my husband in training, we pack water in a backpack and maybe a snack in case we want it. When I say longer run, I mean 6-10 miles in one whack. We always slather on sunscreen and slide on sunglasses. We stretch a little and prep our phones for music and GPS. We like to try and be prepared and have as much comforts as we can.

I can assure you, that when one of us forgets our headphones we are not happy campers.
I do not really think about how long we are going except to take in account of what we are packing. We just start from a place we pick, and we go. We take a few minutes mid way to drink water and then turn around to come back. I do not overthink how far we have to go because when I start doing that, the run drags on and on and becomes much less enjoyable.

Life is a long distance run isn?t it? We are all busy preparing for this or prepping for that and wondering how long until we are through? How much longer do we have to go? Did we pack enough water? Do we have enough savings? Are we gonna be done in time to make the next connection? And we all are looking forward to the downtime of rest and a good meal.

Prepare as best as you can, but really we don?t need a lot to survive. I may want to take our foot soaking tub but that?s overkill. Can you imagine that being pulled in a wagon? We really don?t need it to do the distance. We don?t need a lot of things in life to live it.

Stay focused on the portion of the path right in front of you. Don?t look to far ahead or you?ll overwhelm yourself and the thoughts of quitting start their song and dance in your mind. We aren?t all running literally, but we are all doing the long distance of life. Just don?t forget the water its essential whether your running or sitting.

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