Run Away with Music

There is just no way I could stay committed to running the entire length of a training session without music. No way. Actually, I?d still do it, but it would be harder to do. I simply must have inspiring music to move too.

I am picky about what music I enjoy. I can?t stand rap or hard rock and anything that I can?t understand at least most the words to is out. I like limited country, a splash of blues and some pop, christian, and many other things. You find out real fast what music you like when your working out. Those songs that your over speeding on, that’s your music!

In general, good music can override many types of bad attitudes in our home. In the same way, dirty and raunchy music can set an ugly tone and leave us wondering why a fight just broke out. I?m not getting all new agy on you here, but worship music about God acts a deterrent against evil spirits. Ya, you play that a lot in your space and you will find a more peaceful atmosphere is present.

Music is a huge piece of us humans. We all enjoy different things and there is most certainly healthy and not healthy types. Pick your music, and get moving! Enjoy the tunes as you work hard. It really does make it that much easier.

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