Run Away with Purpose

If your a jogger, I suggest you have a purpose or goal your heading for. I have jogged off and on throughout my life and each time I?ve gotten into a training plan its been for a purpose. I participated in Cross Country and Track in highschool and actually didn?t do to bad for myself or my team.
Today, I jog with the husband. He enjoys it much more than I do. And we have a goal in mind. A half marathon in the RedWoods in the Fall. In between, we will do a few fun runs locally.
We can go on runs just because its exercise, but there is no better way to keep yourself accountable to training then to have an actual goal of what your training for. Knowing we need to be ready to withstand something much greater than what we normally practice is a good motivator!
And isn?t this life? We train for certain goals whether that?s for career?s, parenting, marriage, climbing Mt. Everest or participating in a hot dog eating competition. We want to be prepared as much as we can so we have the least trouble and nasty surprises.
Let us set goals. And sometimes we make them and sometimes we don?t.
I have to say, having a goal in mind is much easier to train then with no goal at all. And if we end up not making the goals we set for whatever reasons, remember that we are the ones that set those expectations. Give yourself an A for effort and don?t beat yourself up over not making it. Goals are just an vision of achievement in our minds of what we want in the future. We invent and put them there to encourage us to keep going to completion. The important part is that we keep trying cause who is ever going to reach any goals without giving it effort? Set a goal and run with purpose. Life is tough enough to be out there running aimlessly, unless that floats your boat just fine, then do it.

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