Scent my attitude

I have always been effected by smell.

Yea, I know, it effects everyone, but smell for me? Well, it literally will change my attitude! Or I allow it to anyways.

bad-breathI can be talking to someone with halitosis and I will literally envision my skin melting off my face. Its like they have a dead animal carcass in the mouth somewhere! Can’t they smell their own breath if its that bad? This one guy I knew had it so bad, you could smell the horrid scent after he left the room and somehow the phone?receivers?claimed the stench! How is that possible?My sister still remembers a teacher she had once that had nasty breath. When ever teacher had to help her, Teacher would shower her down with a brown colored air from teachers mouth and whatever it was teacher was trying to convey was just not conveyed! She is still damaged by the memory of the smell!

I like to wear Perfume on a daily basis. It makes me feel beautiful and others around me hopefully feel happier when a pleasant aroma is in the air.
I like candles, the smelly kind that stink up your house in a good way. I don’t like buying the candles that have a food scent much, because its so disappointing when me or some one else walks into the room and expects to be able to eat whatever is smelling so good. Then, the realization there is nothing to eat, just a dumb candle burning. ?Now everyone is grumpy and half starved. Yea, try not to buy those candles like, cinna-bun, apple pie, blueberry muffins, sugar cookie…

Heres a thought, what if smell had a color to it? Yea, it had color like a firecracker? Depending on the smell, it had a different color? Thank the Lord it doesn’t. Can you imagine?

Nasty smells, which of course many times are just unavoidable really trigger some sort of nasty attitude in me. It doesn’t help that I was made with the power of a blood hounds nose. I guess it helps to recognize this about myself. I think I will start carrying around a little container of Menthelatum. Then I can just crack it open like some drug and inhale when I’m in a situation that calls for it! Now if I can just not blow my own kids over when I’m having a bad breath day. Well, they inform me when I do. And because I understand how smell effects my own attitude, I get up and get a piece of gum or gargle some mouth wash. I need all the help I can get parenting and being a school teacher, I don’t need my breath causing their little brain cells to default! And Chris if your reading this, you know you can tell me when I’m killing you softly with my breath.. 😉


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