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Texting people is a form of communication.
It has somehow made its way into our lives as a BIG form of communication.
Its quick and unfortunately for the sender its just like a conversation that once you hit send, there will be no retracting what you just said.
Technology is cold,find a real hand to hold.
~Paul Mcgirl
While I like texting because it saves so much time and effort, it has taken the place of vocal conversations. It has helped our generation become less personal in contact. And, within social networking in general, we have become bolder and more daring in what we say to others. Things we might not normally say to faces are tapped out in front of our little idols called screens.
I like texting because it gives me time to think about what I want to say.
I find though, that sometimes, when texting people or emailing people and they don’t respond right away, makes me think they are ignoring me and or don’t like me or don’t care. Sometimes this is true of people. The timely way in which they respond to us may tell a tale of truth about what type of person they are. All in all, most the time, we are left to assume that the person at the other end of the message line is busy doing something other then answering us!
I don’t want social networking to take the place of real interaction between humans. Its not the same thing. In fact I was reading an article the other day that was talking about how a dating website allowed a movie company to run an ad for a new movie that featured the face of the girl in the dating sites ad. Many men contacted this lovely lady in hoping for a date. Turns out, the company had a team of people answering the ad and responding and then sending the guys to the advertisement for the movie in which the girl was a robot. Disappointment abounded I’m sure. so many times, people get burned in relationship over technology they trusted.
We just need to be making sure we have balance and are not using imitation relationship as the the real thing!

One thought on “Text Me

  1. Robert Ricciardelli says:

    i love this and I am certain that you are like Joyce and take your time and even many minutes before you hit send. I tend to fire away like I talk and have found that how your process verbally is often how you text….

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