The Buddies Checklist

I homeschool as you already know.

One day, I really needed a break and wanted to spend the entire day in my work room. (My husband said I could if I wanted too) I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of kids interrupting left and right, but you know, I do have kids and I can’t bolt the door shut and lock them out all day, what kind of mother would I be if I did that? (a lousy one)

Sawyer Age 5 and Sadie Age 3So, I decided to make a buddy system for them. Pairing the girls and boys, I wrote up an entire page of activities and chores for their teams to do together and made check boxes next to each one. Of course they were thrilled with not doing their normal school work, and if there was even a whiff of a complaint from the older’s I simply brought up, “well there is school for you to do if the buddy system doesn’t sound good to ya..” Ha! Teacher is so manipulative. 😉 Anyways, the list worked pretty well for most the day, until the older’s got drained from the little’s. ?Here is sample of a few things that the teams got assigned too. Even mom’s that just have kids home in the summer can use this idea on days when you just need a break.

  • construct treasure hunt for opposite team ( I gave them prizes or a treat to hide)
  • exercise ?with wii fit for 30 min.
  • Owen reads 3 books to Sawyer. Mags to Sade
  • Play with Lite bright for 20 min.
  • play one board game ( put away when finished)
  • check dog dishes
  • color for 30 min. (clean up when done)
  • choose one educational show and watch with opposite team.
  • play with blocks for 30 min. (clean up when done)
  • review memory verse
  • pretend ?your spys 40 min. (clean up when done)
  • play with cars in your room ?30 min. (put away)
  • tidy your room 10 min.
  • make cookies
  • brush teeth
  • may watch one fun movie together
  • Mags help Sade do an art project
  • girls play with toys in in Mags room

Ok, you get the idea. Kids enjoy a little structure and being in charge. they also love checklists and this idea helps them learn some team work and ?feel purpose when mom needs a break. Make up your own list according to what you have in the house, and your according to your kids age and don’t make the tasks to long. Give them a timer for their tasks and activities.

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