The Day I Stopped Traffic

I was driving home just today alone. All my children allocated to various other trusted souls, and I was remembering a day I wish never happened. It was 15 minuets of fright and heartbeats beating at a high rate of speed.

The month was September. The day was cloudy with high wind gusts. The year was 2000. I was pregnant with my first child Maggie and was huge with just three weeks or so to go.

Chris and I had one car a single cab toyota truck. For the first time ever, we had just purchased a brand new mattress set and I was picking it up from the warehouse by myself.

I went into the office, had them bring up the mattress, then got told I had to tie it down to my truck by myself. The workers there were not allowed to help customers tie their mattresses on because of the insurance companies worried about potential law suits from customers if their load fell off and so on. So, there I was. With bungie cords for help. I could only get the cords so tight and I was a little worried about the wind gusts and the stretchy cord combo. Let me just say, Never ever tie a mattress down wit bungie cords!

I was justified in being worried about the cords and wind. I entered the freeway onto I-5 and was picking up speed as any normal car does, when I looked into my rearview mirror right as the top mattress curled itself back and flung itself into three different lanes of traffic, doing several backflips till it came to a rest straddling two lanes of traffic! A semi truck was heading straight for it and dodged it just in time. Blood drained from my face and all I could do was watch. I pulled into a wide shoulder and parked. Got out of my car and sure what to do next. All I knew was my mattress was in the middle of the freeway and it was my responsibility if it caused an accident and I was pregnant and didn’t want to kill myself or my baby. Traffic wasn’t stopping. In fact it was a good 5 min before someone made the first move and stopped. I wattled out into the road, embarrassed and scared, grabbed ahold of the mattress and drug it back to my truck.

That part was over. Now I had to get it back on and tied down properly. How was I going to do that? The Lord sent someone to help me. I would say he was an angel, but I don’t think angels swear, and this man did. As I was pulling that mattress back to my truck and thinking about how I was going to get the job done, I looked up and walking towards me was a southern gentleman who had a full sized semi with trailer that he parked in front of me. He came and grabbed ahold of my mattress, and went on to say that he just couldn’t believe all the idiots on the freeway refusing to stop for me! Here I was pregnant and obviously needed help! He had a strong southern drawl and cussed out all the drivers who had to put themselves first. Then he helped me lift the mattress and tie it down to stay! I was in a little shock and I have had a few things fly off my loads, but this was the topping on the cake.
This man whom ever he is, God bless him. If I get dementia some day, I won’t forget the kindness he showed to me that windy afternoon. And I thank God everyday that that stupid mattress did not cause and accident nor was it damaged.

I was waiting for the worse, but the Lord sent an angel to protect it and he sent a man to help this damsel in distress. DOn’t under estimate the power you have when you show kindness to strangers. If you think its no big deal, they may think its huge. They may never forget it and quite possibly will pass it on. I will pass it on, and look for opportunities to give of myself to those I know, and for certain to those I do not.


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