The Fridge Hold Up

I have always dreaded cleaning out the Fridge.

I think I’ve finally figured out why.

First of all, I’m always afraid of opening up something in a tupper-wear container and smelling something awful. (Like leaving it in there longer is going to petrify it so you can’t smell it any longer) You kind of just hold your breath and dump it out real fast not pausing long enough to even look at it! Which brings me to another thought, why don’t I buy storage containers for food that I can just see thru? Like glass? How many times do we simply by pass the container with left overs because we just “forget” there is food in there? Its like if we can’t see it visibly it isn’t edible or something. Then there is the fact that we can’t remember how long the food has been in the container.

If I was my Aunt, I would look for mold and smell it. If there is mold, you cut around it, then dump it in some boiling pot of other “left overs” for a dinner surprise! Yes, she actually did something like this when she came for a visit when I was a kid. I watched her clean out our fridge mumbling the entire time she was doing it about waste and something about using this up… It was all turned into a “surprise” casserole that none of us delve into whole heartily at dinner.

And there is the fact, that I feel like a real “not go getter” for being wasteful and throwing food away. I think this year, I’m going to practice more using stuff up before buying more. Here comes the “Dinner Surprise” kids! (Without the mold.)

Here is Wisdom from My Aunt. I don’t think she came up with this herself, but she has shared it often.

Use it up
Wear it out
Make it do
Or do without


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