The Game Of Life


The current events have most of us all parked at home. That nasty Coronavirus has been busy passing itself around in a most frivolous way.

Many of us are wondering if there is a more sinister driver behind all of it. Or, if like many things, it’s just being used by the different sides of the coin to push agendas.

I, of course, believe in the spirit world and am confident that no opportunity is wasted by the beings we usually cannot see. But, as I do think that, I also know that my God is much more powerful than any fear-mongering tactic the enemy is trying to wield over us.

So zip it virus!

Just like a million other things out there, you may have the power to attack and potentially kill, but you can’t have my soul. So there.

I was talking to some makeup artists a few weeks ago before everything was made to shut. We were talking about this virus and its destruction. The 2 ladies waded into conversation with me, trying to figure out where I was on the subject before they stated what they actually felt about it. Both of them said there was a bit too much drama over it. I told them, “You know where my drama is? It’s in my hair and my makeup, and that is usually where it stays put!” They both thought that was insanely funny and I left on that note. But that is how I feel. I just am not interested in feeding the drama of the virus. The legs of that need to be removed.

And to whoever is buying all the toilet paper? Just quit.

The storehouses have plenty left. We didn’t have a problem with toilet paper on the shelves till someone started an adult game of spoons! Someone didn’t get the memo that this is a respiratory illness. Shouldn’t the Kleenex be sold out if anything goes? I get it. Someone else’s “pack-ratted” fear has caused all of us to have to be involved with it in various degrees. Toilet paper. The one thing everyone needs and wants. Sigh. The stupid factor is high on this one. We are, however, having a lot of fun making jokes out of it.

So, we are all here at home. Not much Life has changed for us, though. We already work at home, and some of us do school at home. I have my craft space. I love to go in there and hand-make all sorts of fun things. I’ve also been making music. I’ve been doing yard clean up after the winter. I love to work outside. And even though we rent where we are, and the property isn’t ours, I like to take care of those things. I’m excited to plant some flowers in pots, to build new projects, and to make spaces of beauty for everyone to share in.

I like to feed the birds, and I fed that giant naughty squirrel that just broke a lovely green glass planter. Ya, that little dirtbag has been stealing things from the back yard too! But that broken glass isn’t going to be wasted. We have friends who like to do mosaic together. They will take it and make something lovely.
I think, after studying this one idea website on Facebook, that we can make something out of almost every piece of trash there is! It’s astounding the ways people come up with reusing things.

I set up a special table with easy arts for the kids to work on. They often need to be told to do it. But once they get going in it, they find enjoyment.

One of my goals for this year is to not have such a sour attitude about technology. I’m not really sure how that’s going. I just got nailed on it this morning by my oldest son. After I made a comment about the authorities tracking people’s cell phones to make sure they are social distancing. Ya, I made a jab on that. I couldn’t help myself.
I just feel like technology robs so many of us of our imaginations and distracts us in building tangible skillsets. Not only in kids. In adults too. How about we stop spending hours looking at someone else’s imagination and work on our own? Or at least do something tangible that branches off someone’s idea.

I bought a little jail box for cell phones. This is to help with accountability with the kids and their devices. Found it at a thrift store.

Squelching the whiner spirit has been a steady activity around here. I wish we could burn some calories from doing it. Wouldn’t that be nice? The more you deal with character issues the thinner you get? Ya, well, my kids aren’t perfect. The pecking order of kids is never fun to handle, either. Sometimes, I wish there might be a remote to pause their little mouths. The little darlings…. Many times, with my own kids, I feel a bit outrun emotionally. But they all can just as quickly bounce right back and be loving in their own ways. I know that when we are isolated, we think we are the only family or person dealing with our issues. But we aren’t. The perfect family on the dentist poster? They got problems too. Thank heavens for Jesus’s saving grace.

I have a sweet little note my youngest left me taped on my nightstand. She left it after a long day of hit and miss strife. And yes, we have those days from time to time. The note says: “I’m really sorry for stressing you out. Will you forgive me? I love you and always will. To mom from Mercedes.” I keep all these notes, they are just too precious. And a bonus along with that? She spelled everything right. If you’re a homeschool parent, you know this is a big win!

Conversations about serious things crop up like weeds. And not just with our kids, but with our spouses as well. We have to take the time and address them. And keep working in and helping with our kid’s heart gardens. And ours. We have to keep moving forward in ours too. Sometimes I just don’t’ want to deal. Its such hard work. But, hard work is the secret to success. I’m considering tattooing that phrase on every one of my kid’s forearms. (I’m only partially kidding)

Ya know, this time of intense home life will more than likely cause a lot of us to see some issues much more closely then we desire too. It can be anything really, our finances, what we have focused our time on, where we are even going with our goals in life. Maybe we don’t have goals set? Perhaps we are so depressed we can’t see straight. I encourage anyone that is so low they can’t get out of bed to tell someone.

You are worthy to be heard and helped.

A big problem with depression is that no one else knows what your feeling or thinking.

Share your heart.

Let someone help you.

Don’t let depression run your life. I should know I’ve been there before more than a few times. And I know, it’s easier said than done. You matter.

I guess we need to decide if it’s worth it to start yanking the weeds out and taking a hard look at why we are living and what for? And after the stirred-up mess the virus has caused for our state of living finally begins to dissipate, do we want to KEEP yanking the weeds out? I say, yes.

Take advantage of this world reset. Even if the reset might hold bleak days ahead or even if you’re still in your normal routine, we are all distracted and feeling a little uneasy about the change. It affects us all.

I have to say, for many of us, slowing down and having nowhere to go might feel uncomfortable or downright dull. Hey, now, boredom births creativity! So tell your kids that the next time they come up with that little number. If you aren’t accustomed to slowing down, I will encourage you to take any extra free time by the coattails and dream large. (Rest is required to dream big.) Then plan all the little steps out to go somewhere. Don’t we know that first, we dream, then we plan, then we do?

We Dream. We Plan. We Do.

I think this might be our family’s motto.

The hardest thing here is in the doing. Oh yes. It is.
It’s in the game of Life.


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