The Judgement predicament

Wrapping my mind around the possibility that God sees all sin the same is a horribly, hard, and frustrating task. I say Possibility because, humans are the ones trying to make sense of how God sees us and how easy it for us to grasp and translate what some things mean? I as a human, measure things from all angles and injustice is a bitter fluid to swallow. I hate injustice. I can’t do a lot about many cases of injustice in the world, but I can harbor bitterness towards those that have served it up on a silver platter.

I find myself mulling over often, how to change myself to be a better follower of Christ, when it comes to other humans out there making dumb choices and blatantly spitting on the cross of Christ. Tolerance is a word that travels a one way street most the time with folk who aren’t saved, and sadly many who claim they are saved. People have no trouble telling you to go to Hell, often a place they don’t even believe in. Humans are a natural with Hypocrisy. We all are. But when Humans have no reason to rid themselves of sin and refuse to see the reality of our destiny, they become unreasonable and uncomfortably hateful.

I just cannot not measure. I cannot see that a murderer is the same as a toddler telling a lie. It really bothers me that I am being told from teachers, and from how I understand the Bible that God sees sin as sin. Does he really not think some things are greater sins then others? How can he possibly think that? Our human world has courts where judgements are made every day. Humans judging other humans. We measure up what consequence the guilty get according to what they have been accused of.

So, how can I make sense of this? One thing I keep coming back too is this. Consequences. Sin is always followed around by its inseparable buddy, consequence. While sin, may or may not be big or bigger in God’s eyes, one thing is for certain. There is always a reaction to our action. The types of sin carry with them different consequences. If we choose to sleep around, we could get diseases, emotional scars and unforeseen pregnancies, if we choose to get high or drunk, we could cause car accidents, do things we regret later and even be involved with things that we can’t remember that are horribly bad. If we choose to murder, we could face execution. If we cheat on our spouse, we risk all of the above when it comes to sleeping around, plus exile from our spouse, embarrassment, and cut out of our families. If we have problems with gluttony, it causes health issues, embarrassing sizes of bodies and guilt. If we steal, we may pack large bags of guilty memories and or if we get caught, prison may follow, in some countries the authorities will chop of your hands. ( I can tell you I have been in a country briefly that practices that last one. stores felt confident enough to leave their products outside their shops while closed!) If we practice homosexual behavior, you have no option to have biological children as a couple, you will always have humans shunning you because of the lifestyle you choose and many more issues and problems arise because of the unnatural closeness that bonds physically and mentally stemming from homosexuality.

Shame, guilt, embarrassment, these are just a few things that humans face no matter what sin we are practicing. And it doesn’t matter whether we consider ourselves saved or not, we all experience these demons.

I have to learn to see humans as people who make their own choices and in turn suffer their own consequences. I cannot be the ultimate judge, and you should be very thankful for that! I cannot condone satan’s lies, stupid, evil and disobedient behavior, I as a christian must steer away from sin as best as I can. I must view every human including myself, as a sinner. Some humans, choose to live their lives thru a God filter, striving to live for a purpose and and make better choices resulting in better consequences. Most humans choose to not see the creator for who He is, and will continue on a path of unforgiveness and self destruction. And while my heart breaks for injustice and persecution of the Cross, I must practice forgiveness and open arms to those who are lost. I have an obligation to help pull others that are drowning into the lifeboat of Christ. With a humble attitude and with a growing understanding of grace, I find that you are no better then I and I am no better then you. We are all called to serve HIm. Are you choosing to follow the bread crumbs to heaven? Its not easy, theres a reason why only a few of us choose to do it. But then good things are hard and hard things are good, are they not?

Romans 3:23

WE ALL FALL SHORT: For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard.

For more study from the Bible, the book of Romans has a lot to say about this topic!

2 thoughts on “The Judgement predicament

  1. Call Me Mom says:

    Hello Alice. Thank you for sharing your blog site with me on Twitter. This post caught my eye because I, too, have had the same philosophical challenges when it comes to God’s judgment. He has given me experiences that show me that His judgment of sinners will be absolutely just and justified. At the same time I know He loves people more than I do. I take great comfort in Ravi Zacharias’ answer to that challenge. It is basically to trust God to judge with justice AND mercy. but he says it better than do I here:

  2. Alice says:

    Call me mom ,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and thank you for reading my post.It’s really a hard one for some of us isn’t it?

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