The Reflection of Time

I sat staring into a dark computer screen.

It wasn’t dark really, I saw me in the screen.

I saw me as a child then a teen then an adult. I saw me for who I once was, and the memories that linger there of a journey I have been on.

The time that has past has become memories of experience of pain and love and joy.

As an adult, have I forgotten what is was like to be the child under a parents authority? Have I forgotten the innocence of childish games and sibling play time and twinkling lights and the smells that promised something good on my pallet? I was safely nestled into my own little world of observation and carefully I tip toed out from my unconfident little self and began to bloom into who God designed me to be.
That woman staring back at me from the dark screen is a face that displays my souls adventure. She is called a wife and a mother now. It is is everything she ever wanted to be? Her family is her career. Her family is her life, her ministry her calling to serve. She is fulfilled even on those days of high anxiety and stress. What job is without its stress? From her heart beats the soul of her home, where other little people are in the childhood creating the memories that will mold them into adults.

Not every woman gets to be called mother and not every woman will be a wife. The women who have not been given these titles are no less then me. They have purpose and serve their calling to who they were designed to be.

There are many parts to a body and they all work together being called by different names.?For us, time waits for no one. It marches thru our world not caring for who may be in its way and who it bowls over. Time is a ship we are all sailing and its taking us to places we may not have wanted to go and thru storms that are making us sick. Its inescapable and feelingless. I have heard phrases like; “Time has treated you well”, or “Time is on our side!”

The truth is, Time is merely what we make out of it. We decide what to do with the time that has been allotted to us, every day. God is the master of time and he decides when our time has run out. He decides when each of our heavenly clocks will strike its last stroke of midnight and our souls will depart from earth. He has set our life alarm clocks and soon time will tell. It will tell, when to pack up our spirit and disembark from the ship of Time. Time is our gift.

Someday soon, I will peer into the dark screen and I will see wrinkles upon my face. I might have added another title of privilege to my career.

That title of Grandmother. And I will wonder, where has time gone?

And what, have I done with my gift of time? Those little souls who pestered the daylights out of me will now call me a friend. And I will have sailed into a new world and dimension I have never been and I will never return to the lands I once was. My time there will be over and that adventure will be memories of pain and love and joy that will be turned into stories to enrich another generation of souls.


4 thoughts on “The Reflection of Time

  1. Rietta says:

    Another amazing glimpse in to the window of you, Alice. Another one that causes me to stop and think. Thank you??

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