The Way I Voted.

If you think this is a post telling you all about who I voted for and why?you would be mistaken.

I wouldn’t share that with you, no matter who I voted for. Because, really, why would I want to know that about you? And, Why do you need to know that about me? So, you can draw the line about your opinion of me?

My younger kids think nothing of asking people who they voted for, unaware of the game played by us all.? I am amazed at the amount of mud flinging going on right now. And has been since the election cycle began. It has always been this way I suppose to varying degrees, but it seems the older our country gets the more we all slip into this mentality that you as a person must really be unlovable because of who you voted for.

I agree, I have fallen into that trap on more than one occasion.

I got wiser.

I found that I can still love someone just because they voted for the candidate?that was not my choice.

Burning Old GloryWe do have the opportunity to voice our opinion. All of us do. That’s just one of the many, many things that we enjoy from the sacrifice of our military of all the men and women gone before us having paid for it with their lives. Freedom isn’t free. And the irony of it, is that it seems the type of people in our country that enjoy this freedom the most, are the very ones who are burning Old Glory.

They are spitting in the face of the people and country that gave them the choice to do what they do, when they stop traffic by walking directly in front of it, and shout obscenities about elected leaders and hateful nasty rhetoric about this not being their country.

They have the right to disrespect the flag at sports games by kneeling instead of standing on purpose in front of millions of people watching, setting a precedent of ungratefulness and blatant abhorrence for the country that gave them the chance at amazing success and blessing, as they state their opinion in all their power and glory.

irony-alert-ironicHow Ironic.

I get passionate about politics. But what I am learning about people and even myself is that we humans don’t always make choices based in common sense. We use our feelings much like when we were children. We react to people or things we don’t like because,well, we have that right. And by golly, I have a a podium, and I’m going to use it. And if you don’t like it, then leave.

Sometimes, we say, just leave then if you don’t like it, and then we hop down from our stage and we jump in front of that exit before you walk out and say, you’re a horrible, ugly person for not agreeing with me and you’re going to stay right here until I’m finished wagging my finger in your face. I mean how dare you say you won’t listen to me and my opinion and agree with it?

We all think we have the right opinion, I mean, which one of us walks around talking about what we think and then follows it up with, don’t listen to me, I know nothing and my opinion sucks. In a pool swimming with everyone’s opinion, who do you trust? What do you believe? And how do you state what you believe without getting your head ripped off and stuck at the end of pole and paraded through town as an example of intolerance?
Opinions are just someone’s personal way of thinking on something, it’s not a fact.

downloadNot a fact.

You aren’t going to find cousin Ed’s opinion on what he thought about the taste of aunt Nancy’s dinner on a fact check page. But still, opinion’s can hurt. Because, When someone says I voted for so and so, because I believe they are x,y, and z, and anyone that disagrees with me is a bigot and should be shot.? Would that be a safe place for me to share my opinion if I differed? Nope.

In fact, you may look at the person and think, wow, Not sure I want to hang out with this human, if he is so self-centered and hateful about his opinion not being accepted by me. I won’t trust him. I won’t hear his thought. I will tune him out, and I will not forget. And we get divided. Which is exactly Satan’s plan. Division?among?us, will destroy us.


Tolerance is a funny thing. It’s often a one-sided, especially in politics. Someone has to yield to someone else’s way of doing. Those that preach tolerance, are often times the very ones who do not practice it. Another Irony.

I have opinions. Boy, do I have them. But, I find myself more and more, not serving them up so much. I use too, but I have found that if someone wants my opinion they will seek it out.

I am seeing that it is waste of my time to argue with people that have no reason or common sense. For people that are searching for truth, they will find it. For those that are not interested in searching further than how they feel about something, they must be left alone and observed.

common-sense-1024x682Common sense, is not common anymore. We have become a people who operate on feelings, no longer based upon levelheadedness and sound minds. We have lost the ability to be sensible and look at things in a practical way.

Savvy is not a part of our vocabulary, we can’t think past our own opinion anymore, and those of us who vote with common sense and not just our feelings are left to keep our opinions to ourselves, because it’s clearly not worth sharing them within a world of hypocrisy where tolerance is only to be dished out by you. We need not look any further than coffee shops writing things on their signs that America has been played, or the riots formed in cities, with people throwing fits like three-year-old temper tantrums because they didn’t get their way and their candidate did not win. Tolerance seems to only go one way. And, I think you can decide for yourself who operates that way.

It’s, true. I can’t help but formulate some sort of judgment about you, when you tell me who you voted for. Judgment, does not mean bad. But, we all do it, don’t we? We all have opinions on how sweet the pie should be, or how crispy the bacon should get. It’s our human nature and really, good judgment helps us survive and live thriving lives. Wisdom calls out loud from the street corners, can you hear it? Or are you to busy stating your opinions on your podium to hear her?

Let us all take a cue from our maker, your mouth was made to shut, and your ears to always be open. Form your opinions, but be slow in stating them. I am still learning this. I get angry about others opinions and I want to sock them into the next galaxy. Yes, I do, because, I’m human too. I am a work in progress, just like you.

So, who did I vote for? Common Sense. That is who I voted for. Because, voting with my feelings, is just an opinion, and opinion, is just that, unstable, irrational and fire starting way to make decisions. I don’t know that I always use common sense when buying shoes though. Sometimes, I buy them based on their cuteness factor. What does shoes have to do with anything in this article? Nothing. Nothing at all.


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