Tiny Tots, with their eyes all aglow…


You know the tune well.


What would you say about this word if you had to sum it up in one sentence?

To me, Christmas is about showing love and bringing Joy and hope to others. Its not about me. Its about decorating my house to be a little more magical for my kids, and company and not fretting about the time and effort it takes. Or doing all the baking that takes hours of time, but is a labor of love. Its about thinking of others in giving and get togethers.
presentsKids love Christmas because, well they are selfish little critters and they enjoy thinking about all the goodies they are hoping for on Christmas Day. I get to teach them to think about giving to others.
As adults, we learn to combine the child-like hope and joy and push away the selfish part of it Well, sometimes I get a little selfish. Like cleaning my house for a mass of family. I get a little grumpy when I have to manage and work for three days scrubbing and polishing up my living quarters, and I suddenly get it, my attitude has to change. Because I’m teaching, always teaching. Whether or not I realize, four sets of ears and eyes are always watching and listening to me! Ack!
I recently joked about a secret door in my house where I go to escape the household Insanity. My oldest son, informed me there was no such thing. I replied to him, “none that you know about son..”
(I don’t really have one, although that would be quite nice wouldn’t it?)
My secret door is my mind. I slip out of reality and into my safe little world. People think I am listening intently, and I mostly am, but sometimes, I find myself “checking ?out” while they are droning on about a wart they thought was cancerous or something of the nature…( I love you guys!)
So it is Christmas. When I was a kid, it took FOREVER to get here. As an adult, it comes way to fast! Now that I’m in charge of producing the Magical world of wonder for my own brood. I’m hoping their little hearts and minds will be engraved with happy memories of their childhood Christmas’s. And most of all, that their character will grow with Blessing others and not thinking of themselves.
Christmas is not about me. It truly is more Blessed to Give then to Receive. Although, um, I do enjoy a few little gifts from my Santa Baby.
Merry Christmas and May Your New Year be sheltered by The Wings of Christ.
? -Prudence
?( for the record, I never understood the song ” I saw mommy kissing Santa” till I was much older! Like 14 or so.. Ha!)

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